Lawn Grub Control

Green Turf cares about more than just weeds. We want to keep your lawn and home free of white grubs! Although your lawn might be nice and green, have you ever considered protecting it against nasty little critters? Green Turf Care provides property owners with top-notch white grub control services.

Turfgrass Grub Control

Successful lawn grub control is based on proper identification and a knowledgeable understanding of the life cycle and biology of the insect. Green Turf Care will give you the best long-term, environmentally sound and sustainable approach to controlling grub growth. A healthy lawn can tolerate low-to-moderate numbers of white grubs and your lawn will recuperate much quicker.  Here is an image of a white grub; please be aware that these are a common issue. 

The preventative grub control program is always cheaper and cost-effective.  Oftentimes, we receive calls from property owners that their lawn is damaged by white grubs.  To repair the lawn cost hundreds of dollars.

The key to grub control is knowledge, timing and the right product.  Our lawn care team has protected thousands of homes over the years.

A healthy lawn is the ultimate goal to control white grubs from doing damage.

Our objective is to create a barrier against white grubs in your lawn.

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