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Ground ivy growing on a property near Allentown, PA.

Ground Ivy Weed Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

If you notice ground ivy in your yard, you'll want to start applying post-emergent treatments immediately to limit the growth as much as possible.

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Ground ivy weed control services provided for properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and nearby areas in eastern Pennsylvania.

Ground ivy can take years to get under control and is hard to remove unless handled by qualified lawn professionals.

Ground ivy has been present in lawns and landscapes across the country since as early as 1672. This broadleaf, noxious weed is hard to eradicate and requires weed control services performed by qualified lawn care professionals.

Green Turf Care provides post-emergent weed control treatments for ground ivy and other weed species native to the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania. Our crew services residential and commercial properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and surrounding areas.

How to identify ground ivy?

Ground ivy and blooms near a home in Emmaus, PA.

Ground ivy is often mistaken for purple nettle or henbit. All three weed species are similar in flower color, leaf structure, and height. However, if you look close enough, there are several unique identifiers to help you figure out which type of invasive weed it really is.

Ground ivy, also known as Creeping Charlie, is a low-ground weed with small clusters of purple flowers. Their leaves are described as being shaped like a kidney or a heart with scalloped edges. You can clearly see the veins in the leaves along with little hairs, especially on more mature ground ivy plants.

This weed can be found in areas of your lawn with tons of shade. It prefers a moist environment and will take over any spots on lawns that are bare or have weak growth.

Why is ground ivy so hard to control?

This hard-to-manage weed is difficult to remove for multiple reasons. Ground ivy is a winter perennial that will continue coming back every year unless it's controlled. It also hugs the ground so much that mowing over the weed is near impossible. This makes any kind of hand weeding ineffective as well.

The biggest issue with ground ivy is the root system. It establishes multiple sets of roots, so even if you tried to dig the weed up and pull it out, there could still be a whole bunch of roots left in the soil helping to keep the ivy alive and spread further out onto your lawn. Ground ivy can also wrap itself around other landscape plants and "strangle" them.

How do you control the spread of ground ivy?

Ground ivy is not easy to treat and requires extensive preventative care. It can form dense mats that can take over entire sections of your lawn. Because it's classified as a broadleaf weed, using a post-emergent is the best option. The post-emergent should be applied twice a year for about 2-3 years, once in the spring when the weed flowers and then again in late fall when ground ivy is actively growing.

Since ground ivy can take up so much space on your lawn, you may notice multiple bare patches in the areas that were treated for the weed. As a heads up, plan on aerating and overseeding your lawn in the fall to fill in the spots with no grass growth. It's good to do this anyway to discourage ground ivy from returning in the same areas.

Taking proper care of your lawn will help make it less vulnerable to weeds. Other steps you can take to keep your yard healthy and weed-free include:

Ground ivy is an incredibly stubborn weed, but our professionals can stop it from growing back with top-quality post-emergent herbicides!

Stubborn weeds like ground ivy need post-emergent treatments twice a year for almost 2-3 years in order to help fight it off completely. Thankfully, our team at Green Turf Care can manage the preventative care for you! We use top-quality herbicides for all weed control applications and have years of experience treating lawns in the Lehigh Valley area.

Our lawn care company serves residential and commercial properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and surrounding areas. Call today at (484) 452-3595 to get scheduled for our ground ivy weed control services!

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