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Gilbertsville, PA5-Star Lawn Care Providers

We eliminate weeds, pests, and diseases from lawns and offer expert lawn care services like fertilization and overseeding.

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Top-tier fertilization and weed control company for properties in Gilbertsville, PA and the surrounding areas.

We ward off weeds and fertilize your lawn to help it reach its full growth potential.

Gilbertsville, PA is a rural area in Pennsylvania's Montgomery County. Though it is mostly a rural area, it offers residents reliable transportation options, as the area intersects Pennsylvania Routes 73 and 100. Gilbertsville is found in Douglass Township and is a part of the Boyertown School District.

We are a top-tier lawn care company available to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Gilbertsville, PA and the nearby areas. Our lawn care providers help control weeds and fertilize your lawn to help it reach its full growth potential. We also offer other services including insect control, disease control, and aeration. Read to learn more about what we do and how we can benefit your lawn.

Weed Control & Fertilization Services Ensure Your Lawn Doesn't Need to Compete For Resources

This client in Gilbertsville, PA, his lawn is treated on a regular basis with our 6-step lawn care program.

The following services ensure that your Gilbertsville lawn doesn't need to compete for essential resources:

Through our weed control services, we effectively remove invasive weeds like prostrate knotweed, clover, black medic, oxalis, and wild violet. If these weeds are not removed from your yard, they will curb your lawn's growth by dominating your soil and taking up the limited water, sunlight, and nutrients available. To make sure your lawn is equipped for growth, we eliminate common weeds as well as hardier weeds like nimblewill and Japanese stilt grass.

While weed control is important for your lawn, you also need to consider implementing a fertilization schedule. Fertilization treatments improve your soil's structure and help your lawn fight off diseases and pests. Here at Green Turf Care, we only use organic-based fertilizers. This way, we won't over-fertilize your grass with unnecessary chemicals.

We Offer Lawn Pest Control, Disease Control, Aeration & More

To promote the long-term health of your lawn, we offer the following services:

Through regular and attentive lawn care, we prevent lawn diseases at all costs. If a lawn disease like red thread or leaf spot becomes prevalent in your lawn, we have fungicides available to treat it.

Lawn damage caused by pest invasion.

In terms of insect and pest control, our team is trained to eliminate fleas, ticks, sod webworms, grubs, and moles from your lawn.

We also offer effective ways to restore your lawn and further its growth year-round. In the spring, we offer liquid aeration services to gently break up your lawn's compacted soil. In the fall, we offer core aeration and overseeding jointly to loosen your soil and repair thin areas of grass.

Interested in fertilization, weed control, or another lawn care service? Get in touch with us today.

The experts at Green Turf Care are all well-trained through Penn State University, and we continuously provide in-house resources and education to our staff members. This way, your lawn will only be serviced by knowledgeable professionals. If you are interested in fertilization, weed control, or another lawn care service, our lawn care company can help. Get in touch with us today at (484) 452-3595 to discuss your lawn's needs.

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