Beautiful lawns don’t just happen –
they are planned and created!

A good lawn fertilization program in Gilbertsville is an essential part of every great looking lawn. Almost all of the lawn fertilization programs are based on the nitrogen (N) element simply because it is the most consumed element by grasses. Furthermore, each grass type has a maximum amount of N that can safely be applied per growing season.

This is why the secret to developing a good fertilizer program can be divided into two main parts:

  • The first part, which is knowing how much nitrogen your grass needs per year and then dividing that amount over the growing season
  • The second part, which is knowing the correct amounts to apply during the season

Obviously, the levels of nitrogen and fertilization applications are not the same for all grass types. Grass growth slows in late spring and levels out in summer, which is another factor to consider. In the fall, most of the grass’ energy is focused on root growth and carbohydrate storage.

Our Gilbertsville fertilization and lawn services will help you benefit from:

Saving time: We will do our best to make sure your lawn gets everything it needs. This will let you relax and spend time doing what you like. With us, you can relax during the week and enjoy your lawn on the weekends.

Vast Expertise: The main thing which sets apart our Gilbertsville lawn services lies in the expertise. At Green Turf Care, we know the best lawn practices and know what your lawn needs during every season.

Cost: As a homeowner, you should know that lawn care is not that affordable – especially if you have to buy equipment, applications, tools, and invest in knowledge to build a healthy lawn. Aside from time, our affordable Gilbertsville lawn company will help you maximize your money savings.

Quality: As many of your Gilbertsville neighbors know, the quality of our service is beyond anyone’s expectations. Contact us today and discover the best lawn services!

The Right Fertilization Program For Your Lawn’s Needs

A lawn fertilization program will take into consideration every single factor of your grass. 

For example, in early spring grass is programmed to use carbohydrates produced in the previous fall in order to break dormancy and begin growth. 

In summer and during warmer climates, cool season grasses struggle and become stressed. The amounts of nitrogen force the grass to grow when it cannot support it. The goal here is to provide enough nitrogen and prevent yellowing (known as chlorosis).

In fall, lawn fertilization in Gilbertsville is also very important. This is a period when the largest amount of nitrogen is applied and one when grass is switching from leaf growth production to root growth along with carbohydrate storage. The grass is able to handle higher levels of nitrogen.

At Green Turf Care, we provide fertilization services in the following periods:

  • Early spring
  • Early summer
  • Summer
  • Early fall
  • Late fall

We can also give you our advice on the best solution for your lawn’s needs – once you book a consultation with us. 

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