With the purchase of our 6-Step Fertilization and Preventative Grub Control!

6-Step Fertilization Process

If you’ve had any success with a healthy, green lawn, you know it takes a lot more than just water and sunshine! Like any other ecosystem, grass requires an abundance of nutrients and detailed care to emerge thick and verdant in the spring and summer seasons.

When you invest in our 6-Step Fertilization process you get year-round lawn treatments from Green Turf Care.

So, what does this include? Read more about it below!

Step 1: We begin step one in early spring by using a slow-release and balanced fertilizer to strengthen the development of the grass. What we want here is a slow growth period that avoids excessive spring growth, while limiting crabgrass and broadleaf.

Step 2: The early summer initiates step two in our process to help nourish your grass to produce a rich, green color. Weed control is tackled to protect your lawn from crabgrass and broadleaf.

Step 3: The summer season is the highlight of step three where our process highlights low nitrogen rates with a non-burning fertilizer that is balanced and formulated for a slow release.

Step 4: Root development is important in the early fall, so we use a balanced fertilizer and targeted broadleaf weed control to support your lawn.

Step 5: Our process is almost complete in the fall as we continue to establish a healthy root system with a heavy application of fertilizer and additional weed control.

Step 6: The last and final stage occurs when the temperatures get a little cooler (around 43 degrees F); we use a winterization fertilizer to create disease-resistant turf and help prepare it for the spring.

Preventative Grub Control

A highly missed, yet vital component of lawn care is grub control. Not only does it keep your yard free from pesky insects and create a great environment for your family and pets to play in, but it keeps your lawn healthy and looking great. When you invest in preventative grub control, we’ll help eliminate the following:

White grubs
Sod webworms
Chinch bugs
Black cutworm

Our application and perimeter control provide protection around the exterior of your home, including crevices and cracks, decks, window wells, trash bins, garage doors, and crawl space areas.

Craft a healthy, thick, and green lawn today when you partner with us for our 6-Step Fertilization process and preventative Grub Control.

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