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Fountain Hill, PA Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care company helps your grass look verdant and healthy all growing season long with our fertilization and weed control programs .

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Expert lawn care services for lawns in Fountain Hill, PA and the surrounding regions.

We seed, fertilize, and aerate your lawn as well as treat it for diseases, pests, and insects.

Fountain Hill, PA is a suburb of Bethlehem and a borough located in Lehigh County. It is primarily a residential area. This borough encompasses around 450 acres of land and contains more than 1,700 housing units. Residents enjoy going to outdoor attractions like South Mountain Park, Big Rocks Park, and Lehigh Canal.

Here at Green Turf Care, we want to help improve the appearance of your residential, commercial, or HOA lawn in Fountain Hill, PA and surrounding areas. Our expert team possesses the techniques, equipment, and applications needed to care for lawns of any size and in any condition. We seed, fertilize, and aerate lawns as well as treat them for diseases, pests, and insects.

Our comprehensive lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, insect control, and more.

 Our customer in Fountain Hill, PA large back yard that we treat with our 6-step lawn fertilization program.

Fertilization is one of the most beneficial services your lawn can receive. It provides your lawn with essential nutrients so it can protect itself against insect infestations, lawn diseases, and weeds. When your well-fed lawn builds a strong root system, it becomes more robust and well-equipped to ward off nuisances.

If your poorly-fertilized lawn has already fallen victim to pests or diseases, we have comprehensive solutions available to you. Through our weed control treatments, we eliminate problem weeds like purple deadnettle, black medic, and chickweed. Some other pests that may show up in your lawn include white grubs, fleas, ticks, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and bluegrass billbugs. We will eradicate these insects through surface-level insect control treatments. If you experience issues with lawn diseases like rust, dollar spot, or Pythium blight, we will implement fungicide treatments when necessary.

While fertilization, weed control, pest control, and disease control are important, your Fountain Hill lawn will benefit from other services. We recommend that aeration be performed once a year for your lawn. Our lawn care providers can perform one of two types of aeration for your lawn: core aeration or liquid aeration. Mechanical core aeration is performed in the fall and loosens your grass's compacted soil. Liquid aeration accomplishes the same goal, but it is performed in the spring and tends to be more gentle on your lawn. Overseeding, which involves planting grass seed on a lawn that has just undergone core aeration, improves your grass's thickness and color.

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If your lawn requires professional attention, our team can help. Whether it has been severely neglected or is showing signs of damage or pest infestation, we can restore its condition. Contact our lawn care providers today at (484) 452-3595 and we will service your residential, commercial, or HOA lawn in Fountain Hill, PA or other nearby area.

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