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Lawn Care TreatmentsIn Fogelsville, PA

With our lawn care service package we keep your lawn healthy, green, pest, and disease free all season long.

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Comprehensive lawn care company provding services to properties in Fogelsville, PA and the nearby communities.

Fertilization, weed control, and insect control are just a few of our lawn care services.

Fogelsville, PA is a small community filled with natural beauty and rural charm. It has a long-established history, as the first building in the area was constructed in 1798. Today, Fogelsville is home to around 3,500 people. Residents enjoy visiting alluring spots like Creamery Park and Weathered Vineyards and Winery.

Our comprehensive lawn care company services residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Fogelsville, PA and other nearby communities. Fertilization, weed control, and insect control are just a few of our lawn care services. We also offer aeration and overseeding to help your lawn look as green and full as possible throughout the growing season.

Fertilization & Weed Control Helps Your Lawn Obtain the Nutrients It Needs

Dandelion weeds invading the lawn of a customer in Fogelsville, PA.

Fertilization and weed control are two important services that allow your lawn to obtain the nutrients it needs to thrive. Through consistent fertilization, we strengthen your grass roots and equip them to ward off diseases and insects. Depending on the time of year, we use different fertilization treatments to get your lawn in the best condition possible. For example, we use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring and a winterizer treatment in the late fall.

Even if your lawn is adequately fertilized, it may require occasional weed control treatments. Weeds that are common in the Fogelsville, PA area include wild garlic, ground ivy, thistle, and spurge. To prevent these weeds from stripping your lawn of its essential nutrients, we eliminate them as they show up.

To learn more about how fertilization and weed control can benefit your lawn, check out these services in more detail:

We Offer Core Aeration, Liquid Aeration, & Overseeding Services for Your Lawn

A core aeration graphic that demonstrates core aeration and how it benefits to your lawn.

Through either core or liquid aeration, our lawn care company loosens your lawn's soil to allow for a better distribution of nutrients. Core aeration is a mechanical process that's done in the fall, and we always try to perform overseeding in combination with core aeration. Liquid aeration is a gentler, less aggressive treatment done in the spring. Both methods of aeration are effective depending on your lawn's condition and the time of year, so our lawn care providers in Fogelsville, PA will help you decide on the service that's right for you. Check out our aeration and overseeding services in more detail:

We Can Address Insects & Diseases Present in Your Lawn

Pests like white grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, moles, and voles can cause issues with your lawn. They can eat away your grass roots until nothing is left, which will cause your entire lawn to fall into disrepair. Lawn diseases like dollar spot and leaf spot can also damage your lawn. If your grass is plagued by insects or diseases, our company offers effective treatments to address these issues present in your lawn.

While fleas and ticks don't cause lawn damage, we offer flea and tick control services to keep you and your pets safe from these insects' bites.

Learn more about all of the ways we keep your lawn in Fogelsville, PA free of insects, pests, and diseases:

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If you are looking to maintain the condition of your grass or remediate lawn damage, our team can help. We offer everything from fertilization to aeration so your lawn can thrive all season long. Our lawn care providers always show up for every scheduled visit, and we cater our services to your lawn's unique needs. Call us today at (484) 452-3595 to recruit the expert care that your residential, commercial, or HOA lawn in Fogelsville, PA deserves.

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