Your Pottstown Lawn Is Full Of Fleas And Ticks? Well…

Fleas and ticks are lawn pests — in fact, they’re ones you don’t want to encounter. They transmit dangerous diseases and can create a lot of discomfort for you, your family, and your pets.
At Green Turf Care, we offer flea and tick control services to keep your family safe from these parasitic pests.


Fleas are wingless and six-legged parasites which feed on the blood of a host. They can jump and easily hitch a ride into your home or on a passing pet. Since they are tiny, they are hard to detect but also stealthy – they can populate on pets quickly because of their high egg-laying rate. By the time your furry friend is itching like crazy, you might be at risk of the pest biting you, too!


Ticks can also transmit a lot of diseases and cause serious health issues. Their bite is usually painless which is why they are hard to detect and most of the time unnoticed. Some of the common diseases that the pests can spread include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever and Rickettsiosis.

Green Turf Care: The Perfect Answer To Fleas And Ticks In Pottstown

Pest prevention should always begin in your backyard. With our professional Pottstown flea and tick control experts, you can treat your lawn from these parasites and protect your family from their dangerous effects, diseases, and bites.

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