Fall And Winter Lawn Preperation

Fall fertilization treatments are the foundation for any thriving lawn!

Fall is fully behind us and the weather is beginning to feel like fall which means this is the time for fall fertilization to fortify the grass roots so they can survive the winter ahead.

If there is one season you should concentrate your efforts on lawn care, the fall is arguably the season to do it because you want to prepare the turf for winter which means stimulating the roots to ensure a strong, healthy lawn in the spring.

The videos you’ll see below provide an in-depth look at our fall fertilization and lawn winterization (steps 5 and 6 in our 6-step fertilization program) to help give you insight on why the fall season is vital for your lawn.

Why Fall Lawn Care Is Important

What many homeowners neglect the importance of fall lawn fertilization and put all their efforts into lawn care in the spring and summer. But, the truth of the matter is, lawn care from October to November in Pennsylvania is crucial.

Lawn fertilization in the fall feeds and nourishes your lawn and allows for a high application of nitrogen to better winterize your lawn.

What we’ve noticed is that those lawns that use a fall fertilizer have a healthier, thicker lawn in the spring and summer! Our lawn staff even know what house they’re going to in the spring without having to look because the lawn is just that much more healthier!

So, if you want a beautiful lawn when the weather is nice, begin with fall fertilization and winterization (steps 5 and 6).

The Benefits Of Fall Lime (Step 5)

What does applying fall lime have to do with your lawn? Just about everything! A Lime lawn care treatment not only adjusts the pH of your lawn but it acts as a cleanser and cleans the root system to allow for better penetration of nutrients.

Our fall lime treatment is step 5 in our 6-step fertilization process and it really sweetens the soil which is so vital for a healthy and thick lawn in the spring and summer.

The Benefits Of a Lawn Winterizer (Step 6)

A lawn winterizer protects your lawn by not only keeping the roots stimulated throughout the cold winter weather but the nitrogen application better prevents and combats turf diseases that can crop up in the spring.

It also creates competition for the broadleaf weeds, so instead of a lawn surfacing in a mixture of grass and weeds, your lawn has more of a chance to thrive and arise as turfgrass!

The winterization is the last step (step 6) in our lawn fertilization process and we typically apply an organic-based granular fertilizer in November.

The time to begin steps 5 and 6 of your lawn care plan is right now! Fall and winter are two of the most important months is lawn care because it prepares and sets your lawn up for success by strengthening the root system and allowing nutrients to be fully absorbed.

Watch your grass emerge thick and healthy this spring with fall and winter lawn fertilization!

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