The Best Lawn Grub Control In Easton, PA

Many homeowners know that weeds and drought are some of the obvious landscape challenges. Even though lawn grubs are less noticeable, if you find them, there are some effective ways to deal with the insects.

Also known as white grubs, lawn grubs are very small and white creatures which curl up into a distinctive C shape when disturbed. They have a larval form and when they are active in an area, they burrow deep and even deeper as the winter approaches. Grubs damage lawns by feeding on grass roots, developing into beetles which damage the foliage and flowers as they feed.

Our highly trained lawn professionals in Easton know and understand the specific

requirements for lawn grub control in Easton, PA as well as the right things to do and prevent lawn grubs from visiting your lawn again. With us, your lawn will be perfectly safe against these small pests. Our lawn professionals in Easton will also recommend the best tips for optimal pest control and a healthy lawn.

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