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Healthy lawns don’t just happen. They always need regular care, feeding and nurturing. Let our trained staff show you how little it costs to make your lawn the best possible.

Safe Lawn Care Programs Designed Specifically For You

Families in Easton and the greater Pennsylvania area trust and depend on us as the best lawn care company providing professional lawn services. We are here to develop a treatment program that is specifically designed for you. Our organic fertilization program in Easton delivers premium results and is designed to reduce pesticide use by up to 90%.

In other words, our lawn specialists are here to turn your yard into a thick, beautiful, healthy, and lush lawn without any weeds – and without any hassle. Spring is always a great time to make big improvements in your lawn, so why not make the first step today?

Fertilization And Weed Control In Easton: Our Applications

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is not an easy task. However, if there is one way to do it right, it is through a comprehensive lawn fertilization plan in Easton and a weed control program.

Our Easton lawn experts at Green Turf Care recommend a six application schedule and a program that ensures the best results for most lawns. It includes the following;

  1. Early Spring Pre-Emergent: Prevention of weeds with lawn fertilization
  2. Spring Weed Control: Weed control applications
  3. Early Sumer: Additional weed and crabgrass control
  4. Summer Fertilization: Ensuring that your turf stays green throughout the summer
  5. Late Summer Weed Control: Weed control application
  6. Fall Fertilization: Adding the right fertilizers to your lawn in fall ensures the health and prevents diseases from spreading

Fertilization, Weed Control & Custom Lawn Health Monitoring In Easton, PA

We are known by many as the “Pennsylvania lawn doctors” due to our ability to properly inspect your lawn, monitor its health and see the right services that your Easton yard needs. Our lawn treatment service takes a more traditional approach using the best-in-class fertilizers and herbicides to get the most control of weeds in the turf as possible.

With our Easton lawn fertilization and weed control program, you get the best treatment for your lawn in every season. The fertilizers that we use are specific for every grass type and its condition.

Schedule a lawn treatment for your Easton home today!