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Creeping bentgrass in a Allentown, PA lawn.

Creeping Bentgrass Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

We help prevent creeping bentgrass from spreading to keep uniformity in your lawn.

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Creeping bentgrass control services available for residential and commercial properties near Allentown, Bethlehem, and surrounding eastern Pennsylvania cities.

Creeping bentgrass is a favorable turf for a golf course—but not your lawn!

Creeping bentgrass is a cool-season grass seen in golf courses and lawn tennis courts. But for residential and commercial lawns, it's a troublesome weed that can appear across yards throughout Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and surrounding eastern Pennsylvania cities.

Green Turf Care's weed control program can help remove creeping bentgrass from your lawn, at an additional charge, to ensure no more seedlings are allowed to pop back up! See how signing up for our program can help keep creeping bentgrass at bay on your lawn!

Creeping bentgrass is fast-growing and even faster at spreading across lawns.

Creeping bentgrass is a perennial grass native to regions in Eurasia and northern Africa. Bentgrass is mostly used as turf for most golf courses and tees because it can tolerate low mowing and constant foot traffic.

This cool-season grass spreads itself out using stolons. Stolons grow at the base of the grass blade's main stem and lie perpendicular to the ground. It allows the stems to thicken and sprout new leaves and roots, thereby creating new stolons from the old.

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Because creeping bentgrass is fast-growing, it can be hard to remove from a lawn entirely unless handled by a professional.

How to spot creeping bentgrass in your lawn.

Creeping bentgrass on a lawn in Bethlehem, PA.

Bentgrass appears bright green with a slight blue tint. It has a shaggy texture that allows it to be cut back shorter than most other grass species. Because of its growth pattern, creeping bentgrass creates a thick mat of grass.

These characteristics make it an excellent choice of turf for golf courses, but because it's very high maintenance, bentgrass is normally not recommended as an option for residential or commercial lawns.

Herbicides eliminate new and future bentgrass growth.

Getting rid of creeping bentgrass will almost always require using an herbicide. Herbicides with glyphosate are a great removal option, but they will also kill any other plants or grasses it comes in contact with. That's why hiring a professional service like Green Turf Care is highly recommended to make sure the rest of your lawn isn't badly damaged.

We treat bentgrass by spraying the afflicted areas using a post-emergent weed killer. We typically do this around August, so the bald spots can be aerated and overseeded in September to promote new grass growth and ensure creeping bentgrass doesn’t return in the spring.

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Our weed control program can help remove creeping bentgrass from your yard and keep it away!

A Bethlehem, PA home lawn with creeping bentgrass control services.

Creeping bentgrass is a unique cool-season grass with a variety of usages—except for when it starts growing in your lawn. It can be challenging to remove on your own and will grow back quickly if not treated correctly.

Green Turf Care's weed control program is the best way to manage bentgrass growth and ensure it doesn't come back! Home and commercial properties located in Allentown, Bethlehem, and surrounding areas of eastern Pennsylvania are eligible for our program.

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