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Chinch bug pests on a fence near Allentown, PA.

Chinch Bug Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Without proper treatment, chinch bugs will literally suck the life out of your residential or commercial lawn.

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Chinch bug control offered for Pennsylvania properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, and nearby cities.

Yellowish-brown patches in your lawn during the heat of summer can be a sign of chinch bug presence.

Close up photo of chinch bugs in lawn debris near Bethlehem, PA.

There are many insects that can threaten your cool-season grass and kill it as they feast on it. One of those insects that plagues lawns in Pennsylvania is the chinch bug. A first sign of chinch bug presence in your grass are visible yellowish-brown patches that show up in your lawn during the heat of summer.

Learn what chinch bugs are and how we can help you get rid of them in areas such as Allentown, Emmaus, Bethlehem, and neighboring communities in Pennsylvania.

What Are Chinch Bugs & How They Destroy Your Lawn

The first thing you need to know about chinch bugs is that they are extremely tiny. Even when fully-grown, they are only about 1/6 of an inch in size. They live in the grass and thatch of your lawn, with as many as 150-200 insects per square foot of your lawn. Up close, they are hairy with a dark gray or black body and white wings. Often, their lawn damage can be mistaken for other issues since they are so tiny. Learn a bit about their life cycle and when their damage starts:

  • Chinch bugs spend the winter in buildup of leaves and thatch
  • They emerge when temperatures reach 50 degrees in the spring and begin laying eggs
  • Those eggs hatch in a couple weeks, then those nymphs reach adulthood in 4-6 weeks and begin laying more eggs
  • Once cooler temperatures set in, they take refuge again in the thatch

Chinch bug damage does not usually become visible until we start having periods of very hot and dry weather, which is in the middle of summer. They do feed in spring and early summer as well, but the damage is not visible then.

Extreme close up photo of a chinch bug near Emmaus, PA.

The bugs destroy your lawn by sucking the juice and moisture out of the blades and injecting them with a poison as they feed that initially turns the grass yellow. The grass then turns brown and dies.

It is not easy to spot chinch bug damage, which is why you need to consult with a lawn care professional when you have patches in your lawn.

Types of Turf that Are Most Susceptible & How to Prevent Chinch Bug Damage

Chinch bugs will feed on ryegrass, fescue, bentgrass, and Kentucky bluegrass, which means most types of turf in our area are susceptible. If you want to prevent chinch bug damage, the first step is to ensure your lawn doesn't have excessive thatch by dethatching it periodically. For severe infestations, we apply an insecticide to eliminate them and minimize the damage.

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