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    Dealing With Yellow Nutsedge In Your Lawn

    Dealing With Yellow Nutsedge In Your Lawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLb_PFHqiiY&t=50s How To Prevent It & How To Deal With It If you have ever noticed yellow nutsedge in your lawn, you probably know that it is a troublesome weed that is difficult to control. Usually spotted in turf areas, it is also known by the names chufa, nutgrass or watergrass. However, what is important to note …Read More

  2. Lawn Care Tips to Remove Horseweed, Allentown PA

    Lawn Care Tips to Remove Horseweed - Allentown, PA Horseweed plants are also known as Marestail, and it's an annual weed that can present problems for any garden or lawn. Germinating in the winter or fall, Horseweed can become an invasive problem. You'll need adjustments to your lawn care techniques to prevent this weed from spreading over your property. Typically these weeds start out as a harml…Read More

  3. Eliminate Purple Deadnettle With Effective Lawn Care Techniques.

    Eliminate Purple Deadnettle With Effective Lawn Care Techniques | Allentown, PA The dreaded weed Purple Deadnettle is also known as the Red Deadnettle or even the Red Henbit. Commonly found in fields or in moist conditions, this weed can also invade your garden or lawn. It's found to thrive in most climates across North America, and can pose quite a challenge without proper lawn care and vigilant…Read More

  4. Ridding your garden of Eclipta using Natural Lawn Service – Allentown, PA

    Ridding your garden of Eclipta using Natural Lawn Service Eclipta weeds can do more than choke out your garden, it can overtake and infest your lawn as well. Common to the backyard garden, this weed can also grow in the hardiest of areas like your sidewalks or driveways. This weed won't stop without the right level of lawn service, and manually removing them could lead to them coming back even str…Read More

  5. Beggarweed

    4-Step Process to Get Rid of Creepy Beggarweed

    Out of many varieties of weeds that grow on lawns, one of the most common and frustrating ones is beggarweed. If beggarweed is invading your lawn, it is time to do something about it. At first, it may sound like a losing battle, however, we can assure you that there is a solution to your problem. Beggarweed os the cause of annoyance and frustration for people who work in agriculture, for landscape…Read More

  6. How the best lawn care companies get rid of Slender Aster

    How to control slender aster. Let me ѕtаrt rіght nоw bу ѕауіng thаt technically,  Slеndеr Aster is a ѕрrіng-ѕummеr wееd. It is commonly found in the southeastern U.S. along dry and sandy soils.  It grоwѕ in the wаrmеr seasons аnd the fіrѕt good frost оr freeze wіll kіll іt. But thаt’ѕ when уоu rеаllу, really nоtісе іt. During thе warm season, Slеndе…Read More

  7. How to control & treat American Burnweed in Allentown, PA

    How to control/treat American Burnweed in Allentown, PA. Amеrісаn burnweed is аn еаrlу ѕuссеѕѕіоnаl summer аnnuаl species іn the Aѕtеrасеае. This weed іѕ a рооr соmреtіtоr; however, іt rapidly соlоnіzеѕ dіѕturbеd and low-maintenance areas, еѕресіаllу following an environmental dіѕturbаnсе. Rесеntlу, turfgrass mаnаgеrѕ hаvе mаd…Read More

  8. How to Eliminate Black Medic in Allentown, PA.

      How to Eliminate Black Medic in Allentown, PA. Lawn care is something that many people struggle with. Keeping your lawn and grass looking it's best can be difficult if you don't have a complete weed control plan. One of the biggest problems facing lawn service is the Black Medic weed. Otherwise known as Medicago lupulina or even Yellow Trefoil, this weed commonly springs up during summer. One o…Read More