1. How to mow your lawn like the Pro’s

    Lawn Mowing: Why Are Sharp Blades Important & How To Mow Like A Pro Mowing a lawn is one of the most important practices in keeping the lawn healthy. The truth is, glasses are like most plants - all they need is care. If you clip off their growing points (for grass, this is the crown where new leaves develop), the plants will branch out and become denser which in this case will transform thous…Read More

  2. Local Lawn Care Service Experts Near You!

    Welcome to the leader in organic-based fertilizer. What Is An Organic Fertilizer? An organic-based fertilizer is a material of natural origin that is added to soil in order to supply one or more plant nutrients that are essential to the growth of plants. While synthetic fertilizers contain sulfur, magnesium, iron and other ingredients, organic based ones include fish extracts, manure, and compost.…Read More

  3. Eliminate Purple Deadnettle With Effective Lawn Care Techniques.

    Eliminate Purple Deadnettle With Effective Lawn Care Techniques | Allentown, PA The dreaded weed Purple Deadnettle is also known as the Red Deadnettle or even the Red Henbit. Commonly found in fields or in moist conditions, this weed can also invade your garden or lawn. It's found to thrive in most climates across North America, and can pose quite a challenge without proper lawn care and vigilant…Read More

  4. Help! I have Common Chickweed in My Lawn!

    The Effective Steps in Removing Common Chickweed When your lawn is overgrown with Common Chickweed, you need the best lawn service that Allentown, PA can provide. There are many professionals that can help you eliminate the infestation in your lawn. When you don't have many options for lawn service in your area, you can use these lawn care tips to handle the weeds yourself. One of the keys to el…Read More

  5. How to control Dwarf Beggarweed in Allentown, PA.

    How to control Dwarf Beggarweed in Allentown, PA. Learning how to manage your weed control is a big part of lawn care in Allentown. All over the Lehigh Valley people often overlook the vital steps to have a nice green lawn. Without the proper amount of lawn care, you are asking for trouble and can quickly find your lawn overgrown with pesky Dwarf Beggarweed. Also called Desmodium triflorum, Dwarf…Read More

  6. How high should I mow my grass in Allentown?

    How high should I mow my grass in Allentown? Have you ever wondered what setting you should set your lawnmower?  Should I cut the grass high or low?  Residents in Allentown can easily read this article and get the proper lawn care tip! Low cut: people often think that if they mow the lawn really low, it will keep the grass from growing back so fast. This practice will only bring weeds and shallo…Read More