1. Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Weed Control

    Most people don't think twice about weeds in the fall, but it's the perfect time for weed control. When most people think of weeds, they imagine the spring and summer, because that's when weeds are most likely to pop up and plague your lawn. And for most people, when weeds are out of sight, they are also out of mind. But, even though you probably aren't thinking about weed control in the fall, it'…Read More

  2. Get Rid of Hairy Galinsoga with Proper Lawn Care – Allentown, PA

    Get Rid of Hairy Galinsoga with Proper lawn care - Allentown, PA One of the tougher annual weeds in America is called the Hairy Galinsoga. Known to thrive in sunny areas and in any soil condition, this weed can also invade your garden or lawn. Without the right level of lawn care, you may end up with a huge infestation of weeds. That's why you need the best guideline to manage your grass with the …Read More

  3. What are Selective and Non-selective herbicides?

    Selective herbicides are products that control or suppress different plant species without harming the growth of desirable plants.   If your lawn in Emmaus has weeds in it, Green Turf will use a turf herbicide that is selective. Most all of the broadleaf herbicides are good examples of selective herbicides because they will not injure the lawn when applied. Anytime selective herbicides are used,…Read More