1. Keeping A Pet-Friendly Lawn

    Because it’s important for our furry friends to stay safe and keep a pristine lawn!   When it comes to a full, lush lawn you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s health and safety — there is a way the two can peacefully coexist! Many times, to keep a thriving lawn, it takes fertilization, aeration, and overseeding — now, this isn’t inherently dangerous to your pets, but it’s important…Read More

  2. How to Avoid Catching The Thatch: All About Lawn Thatch

    Welcome to spring, a season for growth and renewal and also the torment of lawn thatch! Lawn thatch — it’s never a good sign to have in your yard, and while a small amount can be protective, too much can starve your lawn of the vital nutrients it so desperately needs in the spring. Thatch is technically dead turfgrass that is layered between the green grass plant and the root and soil system b…Read More

  3. The Essential Lawn Care Tools You Need (Part Two)

    Because it’s more than a mower, water, and sunlight that creates a healthy lawn! Who knew learning about essential lawn care tools could be two parts?! In part one, we explored three of the most common lawn care equipment including lawn mowers, aerators, and rakes. In today's post, we’ll go more in-depth on lawn equipment that can really make a difference in your summer yard maintenance. It’…Read More

  4. The Essential Lawn Care Tools You Need (Part One)

    A perfectly healthy and lush lawn doesn’t just tend to itself!   We have great news for you — maintaining your lawn may not be as difficult as you think. Sure, there will always be a little sweat equity (you have to work for it), but with the right lawn care tool, the job just got much easier!   At Green Turf Care, we’re all about those emerald green lawns that you just want to squish your…Read More

  5. Welcome Spring With These 6 Lawn Care Tips (Part Two)

    A healthy, thick lawn doesn’t just appear — it takes work and planning! In part one, we introduced a couple of spring lawn care tips such as raking and tuning up your lawn mower for the upcoming busy season! In today’s post, we’ll review the remaining tips so you can have a lawn for everybody to enjoy this summer! Spring is the time to work towards a lush lawn! Lawn care is what we’re ab…Read More

  6. Welcome Spring With These 6 Lawn Care Tips (Part One)

    Awaken your lawn this spring with lawn care techniques straight from the professionals!   Spring is the season where new life is bursting — we’re beginning to crawl out of our long Pennsylvania winter where hibernating indoors is imminent until Spring Forward happens and suddenly we’re surrounded with little gifts of spring. A tulip here. A patch of green grass there.   At Green Turf Care,…Read More

  7. Emmaus Lawn Care Tips: Every lawn deserves proper care!

    The Basics Of A New Lawn: 5 Aspects Every Lawn Owner Should Consider Every lawn deserves proper care, especially ahead of the new season. You have probably heard a lot of advice regarding lawn care in Emmaus, PA from your neighbors - or read a lot about it in the media. Even though many people say that starting a new lawn is a job best left to professionals, it won't hurt if you learn the basics o…Read More

  8. Preparing Your Lawn for Winter With Fall Lawn Care Tips

    Winter is well on its way, making it the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC. After a long, hot summer, fall is here at last, which means that winter is right around the corner. Sooner rather than later, your lawn is going to have to face shorter days with less sunlight and much colder temperatures. The only way to ensure that your lawn can survive the long, harsh winter is to give it a little…Read More

  9. How To Choose The Right Lawn Care Service in Allentown, Pennsylvania

    How To Choose The Right Lawn Care Service in Allentown, Pennsylvania Let's face it - hiring professional lawn care services in Allentown, Pennsylvania is nowadays more than just a trend. It seems like as soon as it starts to get beautiful outside again and the temperature is right, lawn care and maintenance is quickly rising to the top of the mind of most homeowners. Another fact is that the Unite…Read More

  10. Controlling Goosegrass Weeds – Lawn Service Guidelines

    Controlling Goosegrass Weeds - Lawn Service Guidelines The warm season can bring about the onset of Goosegrass weeds, which are a problem for any garden or lawn in Allentown, PA. In order to prevent and stop Goosegrass weeds, you need the right level of lawn service. Lawn service can stop these weeds from growing on your property. Have a problem with Goosegrass weeds in your lawn? Use these lawn …Read More