1. red thread in the lawn

    Red Thread In The Lawn: How To Identify And Control It

    Red thread is one of the most serious spring and summer lawn diseases. It is also one of the most common fungal patch diseases found on lawns in Pennsylvania - especially in places where the turf is deficient in nitrogen. Known for causing brown patches of turf mostly in the wet summer months, red thread destroys the grass in the autumn months as well. The actual cause of it is the fungus named 'L…Read More

  2. backyard activities summer

    10 Awesome Backyard Activities You Can Try This Summer

    We have all been there… Wanting to try something different out in our backyards but ending up with no ideas or lack of motivation for something new. Now that the summer is in full swing here in Pennsylvania, your lawn probably looks healthy and fresh - so it is about time to host a party or even a local hangout and relish the warm weather this time of the year. The best thing about the summer ba…Read More

  3. Dealing With Lawn Problems: The Guide

    Nowadays, there are many common lawn problems concerning homeowners. The truth is, weeds are not the only thing that stands between you and the lawn of your dreams. Once the turf is established, you also need to watch out for pests, fungal diseases and even issues like Fido. If you have been spotting mysterious brown spots or dry patches plaguing your grass, you should not worry about it - and rat…Read More

  4. maintaining a healthy lawn

    Maintaining A Healthy Lawn: The Only Guide You Need

    These are the basics of lawn care and maintaining a healthy lawn. If you want to achieve a healthy lawn without the help of a professional lawn care company in Pennsylvania, you need to know all the ins and outs of proper lawn care. If you are an average homeowner, chances are that you spend around 3-4 hours per week on yard work and mow your lawn around 30 times a year. What’s interesting is th…Read More

  5. starting off lawn care

    Starting Off With Lawn Care In The Right Way

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bug21tjYIGI&feature=youtu.be When it comes to lawn care, there is no “one size fits all” solution that can be applied for all lawns, all turfs and all seasons. The truth is, lawn care practices are seasonal which means that the efforts you put in the springtime and summer days would give the results you should expect all year round. One great example on this…Read More

  6. How to Avoid Catching The Thatch: All About Lawn Thatch

    Welcome to spring, a season for growth and renewal and also the torment of lawn thatch! Lawn thatch — it’s never a good sign to have in your yard, and while a small amount can be protective, too much can starve your lawn of the vital nutrients it so desperately needs in the spring. Thatch is technically dead turfgrass that is layered between the green grass plant and the root and soil system b…Read More

  7. Lawn Care Companies

    Dealing With Yellow Nutsedge In Your Lawn

    Dealing With Yellow Nutsedge In Your Lawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLb_PFHqiiY&t=50s How To Prevent It & How To Deal With It If you have ever noticed yellow nutsedge in your lawn, you probably know that it is a troublesome weed that is difficult to control. Usually spotted in turf areas, it is also known by the names chufa, nutgrass or watergrass. However, what is important to note …Read More

  8. The Essential Lawn Care Tools You Need (Part Two)

    Because it’s more than a mower, water, and sunlight that creates a healthy lawn! Who knew learning about essential lawn care tools could be two parts?! In part one, we explored three of the most common lawn care equipment including lawn mowers, aerators, and rakes. In today's post, we’ll go more in-depth on lawn equipment that can really make a difference in your summer yard maintenance. It’…Read More

  9. The Essential Lawn Care Tools You Need (Part One)

    A perfectly healthy and lush lawn doesn’t just tend to itself!   We have great news for you — maintaining your lawn may not be as difficult as you think. Sure, there will always be a little sweat equity (you have to work for it), but with the right lawn care tool, the job just got much easier!   At Green Turf Care, we’re all about those emerald green lawns that you just want to squish your…Read More

  10. Welcome Spring With These 6 Lawn Care Tips (Part Two)

    A healthy, thick lawn doesn’t just appear — it takes work and planning! In part one, we introduced a couple of spring lawn care tips such as raking and tuning up your lawn mower for the upcoming busy season! In today’s post, we’ll review the remaining tips so you can have a lawn for everybody to enjoy this summer! Spring is the time to work towards a lush lawn! Lawn care is what we’re ab…Read More