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Large side yard at a residential property in Catasaqua that has our routine lawn care service package.

Leading Lawn Care Services Catasauqua, PA

Our lawn care providers ensure that your lawn receives the proper nutrients needed to thrive and control weeds using our 6-step program .

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Comprehensive lawn care company servicing the Catasauqua, PA area.

Our lawn care service program includes Fertilization, grub control, and lawn disease control.

Catasauqua, which is lovingly known as "Catty" by its residents, is a borough in Lehigh County, PA. It's home to around 6,500 people and is a suburb of Allentown. The Catasauqua Creek flows through the area and the Lehigh River moves along Catasauqua's southwest edge.

We are a comprehensive lawn care company located in Catasauqua, PA. Our lawn care services are available to residential, commercial, and HOA properties and include grub control, lawn disease control, and fertilization. Learn more about how all of our lawn care services can benefit your grass.

Maintain and Improve Your Grass's Health Through Our Lawn Care Services Including Fertilization & Lawn Disease Control

Vibrant green lawn that we fertilize at a home in Catasauqua, PA.

If you are looking to maintain and improve your grass's health, you can hire us! Our services include:

Lawn diseases like red thread, dollar spot, and leaf spot can be very damaging to your grass. To prevent these diseases from showing up in the first place, we perform yearly liquid aeration treatments in the spring. Another way to prevent lawn diseases is to opt for core aeration and overseeding services in the fall. Together, these services strengthen your grass and make it more resistant to diseases and fungi. If your lawn does develop a disease, we will apply fungicide treatments as necessary. However, our main focus is on promoting your lawn's overall health so we don't have to use fungicides, as these are temporary solutions rather than permanent ones.

Lawn damage from a disease known as dollar spot.

Fertilization and weed control go hand-in-hand when you hire our company for our six-step lawn care program. Throughout spring, summer, and fall, we guarantee that your grass obtains the proper nutrients. We also eliminate weeds so they do not deprive your lawn of what it needs to grow. Our team is trained to remove everything from common weeds like wild garlic to grassy ones like Japanese stilt grass.

If you have insects or other pests that seek shelter in your lawn, we will eliminate them. While fleas and ticks don't cause lawn damage, they will bite both humans and pets. Recruit our flea and tick control services to protect your family from these insects' harmful diseases and painful bites. Our lawn care providers will also eliminate lawn-damaging insects and pests like moles, voles, armyworms, and white grubs.

If you are located in Catasauqua, PA, contact us today for lawn care services!

Here at Green Turf Care, we have extensive experience to back up all of our lawn care treatments. Our lawn care providers are given training through Penn State University and receive further guidance in-house. If you are located in Catasauqua, PA or a surrounding area, contact us today at (484) 452-3595 for effective lawn care services.

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