During winter dormancy, you'll notice a slowdown in our grass growth and the emergence of a tan, rather than green-colored lawn. This happens because sunlight is scarce, temperatures are low, and fertilization treatments can no longer be applied. There are some preventative measures you can take before temperatures drop, like a winter fertilizer and removing leaves, but you'll typically still see some type of grass damage.

If you want to fill in those bare spots by overseeding in the spring, you should take a special interest in the quality of grass seeds you choose. Some grass seeds contain many fillers that make the soon-to-be-growing grass more susceptible to diseases and other lawn issues. Learn what to look for in a premium seed blend and why seeding in the spring gives you the best results.

What causes bare spots in your lawn after winter dormancy?

The frigid temperatures and heavy snow of winter can do serious damage to your lawn. Your grass is no longer receiving fertilization treatments and proper circulation of oxygen and remaining nutrients may be hindered by leaf pileups and snowfall. Excessive snow and ice can not only damage your lawn but kill it altogether.

Besides the fact that your grass is trying to survive in severe weather conditions, heavy foot traffic across your grass causes your soil to become compacted. Thick soil prevents necessary nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. All of these factors may give you an explanation as to why you may notice patchy, bare spots after the cold winter season.

Premium Grass Seed vs. Low-Quality Grass Seed

You'll probably come to the conclusion that your lawn needs to be overseeded to get your grass back in great condition. Seeding over your existing grass is a great option but it's definitely not the end-all, be-all lawn solution. You also have to take into consideration the type of seed you choose. If you choose a low-quality seed, you'll be dealing with a plethora of lawn issues down the line. Cheap grass seeds are filled with inert matter which decreases the resilience and strength of your future grass.

Our company offers a tall fescue/Kentucky bluegrass seed blend, great for cooler climates like ours in PA. The grass seed we offer is disease-resistance, drought-tolerant, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Get a 25lb pound of our premium grass seeds for $62.50 or a 50lb bag for just $125. The best part is that we'll deliver the seeds directly to your home!

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Seeding in the spring provides optimum grass growth.

Spring seeding is your best option because sunlight is more frequent but daytime temperatures don't rise as high as they would in summer. In the spring, your soil will have reached an ideal temperature to germinate seeds and you may see results as early as 2 to 3 weeks depending on the current weather conditions.

Another great way to encourage fuller, thicker grass growth would be to have an aeration service done before spring seeding to better open your soil and root system. Our innovative liquid aeration service is ideal before spring seeding because it loosens up your lawn's soil in a gentle manner and reaches 100% of your lawn versus traditional core aeration. As long as you properly water your newly-seeded lawn and begin routine fertilization treatments, you'll have a lush, green lawn before the summer heat begins!

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