What should I do with my lawn in Macungie this winter?

Watch out for winter weeds.

Since we had a mild summer in Macungie, Emmaus, Allentown, and Breinigsville there are a few things that every homeowner must be aware of.  The weather patterns have slightly changed and because of this winter weeds could potentially be a problem.  The grass in the Lehigh Valley area are generally considered cool season grass.  This makes lawns much stronger and able to withstand the ups and downs of weather changes.  Due to the mild summer we experienced the lawns in Lehigh County look much more healthy going into the winter season than in years past.  It will be exciting to see how the lawns look come this next Spring!

Challenges that homeowners might face.

Keep an eye out for winter weeds that will start to appear in the late fall and early winter.  Timing is key when it comes to the effectiveness of the pre-emergent application.  If you are noticing winter weeds in your lawn, please give us a call at our office.  Don’t put this off until next spring!


Are pests also a concern?

Cool season grasses should be doing just fine.  Homeowners are seeing that their lawns are a much healthier than normal.  The main concern is to watch out for late season pythium in the lawn.


Any other tips?

If you have not applied and winter application, now is the time to do it.  Doing a winter application is a good product to apply to protect the lawn against a cold winter.  It has give the lawn a quicker “green up” next spring!  This is time to make sure the lawn is cut one last time and the leaves are cleaned up and hauled away.

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