Why Your Lawn Keeps Getting Brown Patch and How to Prevent It

There are many reasons why your grass keeps getting brown patch in Allentown, PA.  We are going to present you the three major ones! Also, discover the best way to prevent this lawn disease and how to keep your grass fresh and green!

You take good care of your grass and lawn and yet brown sports are starting to appear? Why is that?

What is Brown Patch?

Brown patch is one of the most destructive lawn diseases of all. It is caused by Rhizoctonia species fungus or Rhizoctonia Solani more precisely. This type of turf grass disease sneaks up easily on you and tend to destroy large areas of grass literally overnight especially when the weather conditions are not ideal. This lawn disease attacks almost every type of grass.

3 Reasons Why Your Grass Keeps Getting Brown Patch

  • Watering Your Grass too Much – Keep in mind that your grass needs a normal amount of water per day and watering it too much may cause damage. Not only you will reduce your watering costs but you’ll give your lawn the exact amount of water it needs.
  • Over Fertilizing Your Lawn – If you keep watering and fertilizing your lawn, you’ll damage the healthy growth of your grass.
  • Mowing Your Lawn Too Frequently or Cutting It Too Short – If it is Sunday, instead of mowing your lawn again, make sure to relax and enjoy your day. Cutting the grass too short or mowing it too frequently may lead to brown patch.

One of the solutions is to get a fungicide in order to get rid of this disease, but this is just a temporary solution. In order to get rid of this dead grass sooner and for good, you need to hire professional lawn care.

Hiring Professional Lawn Care Service

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