Most people just think of weeds as annoying, but you can learn a lot about your lawn from the presence of certain weeds.

When you see a yard full of dandelions or crabgrass, it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. All of those weeds are stealing nutrients, oxygen and water from your lawn and the other plant life you actually want in your yard. And, the frustrating part about weeds is that, unless you turn to the professionals for weed control in Allentown, there’s a good chance they’ll keep coming back, no matter how many times you pull them. However, you can learn a lot about your lawn by the mere presence of some weeds. Here are some of the most common weeds we experience here in Pennsylvania, as well as what their presence means for your lawn and your soil.

#1. Chickweed.

Chickweed has light green leaves, and it is a low-spreading weed. Chickweed thrives in areas with poor drainage or lawns that are overwatered. It is also commonly found in soil that is highly fertile. If you find chickweed in your lawn, you may need to get your lawn aerated to fix a poor drainage problem. It may also help to change the way you water your lawn by watering more deeply and less frequently.

#2. White Clover

While it used to be that white clover was used as a common ingredient in seed blends for lawns, it is now widely regarded as a negative presence in any lawn. White clover is a perennial weed, and it prefers to grow in places where the soil is poor in quality and low in nitrogen. Fertilizing your lawn, as well as applying a broadleaf herbicide in the fall and spring, can help to get rid of white clover and keep it from returning again next year.

#3. Dandelions

Dandelions are probably the most common weed people think of. Dandelions can colonize your lawn in no time at all, and they are hardy enough to thrive in even the thinnest, weakest turf. Although dandelions can survive in a number of environments, they love acidic soil, as well as moist conditions. In addition to using pre-emergent weed control, the best way to ensure that your dandelions don’t come back is to ensure that your lawn is healthy, which includes leveling your lawn’s pH levels. Your healthy lawn will help to crowd out the dandelions, preventing them from coming back.

You can learn a lot about your lawn from your weeds.

While, yes, weeds are pesky and annoying, they also help to shed light on many important things about your lawn. These are just a few of the common weeds that we see here in Pennsylvania, and in our next blog, we’ll be talking about a few more weeds you’re probably all too familiar with. Be sure to stay tuned to learn more, and if you want to keep your weeds at bay, contact us today. Our weed control experts in Allentown are ready to help, and we offer free, no obligation estimates.