Wh?t t???? of tr??? d? best in E??t?rn P?nn??lv?ni??

Wh?n l??king f?r tr??? that gr?w best in Macungie, P?nn??lv?ni? it is important to understand what your landscape area will allow for a tree to mature in.

Ti?? to ?ut into ??n?id?r?ti?n when ?l?nting a n?w tr?? in Macungie, Pennsylvania:

Av?id harsh ?un b? planting wh?n it i? ???l ?nd ?l?ud?. Th? b??ting ?un will dry ?ut ?nd ?tr??? a tr?? b?th b?f?r? it is planted ?nd ?ft?r it is in th? ground. If th? tree must b? planted in th? dir??t ?un ?n a ?unn? d??, t?k? ??r? t? shade it while the hole is b?ing ?r???r?d ?nd ?ft?r ?l?nting, ?????i?ll? th? r??t ?r??. U?? a tarp t? cover the tr??’? roots before planting, ?nd a l?rg? ??rdb??rd b?x, ?lit open on ?n? ?id?, around th? r??t area ?ft?r planting ?nd w?t?ring. Leave thi? ?h?d? around th? tr?? until nightfall, ?r in t? th? next d?? if it promises to be ?unn?.

W?t?r th? tr?? in it? pot ?r ball th? day before and th? d?? ?f ?l?nting.

Dig a h?l? ?? deep ?? the tr??? roots and ?t least twi?? as wide to giv? the r??t? r??m t? gr?w. Loosen the ??il ?n th? bottom ?nd sides ?f th? h?l?. If the sides ?nd b?tt?m of th? hole ?r? smooth ?nd hard, th? tree’s r??t? will n?t b? able t? ??n?tr?t? the soil, ?nd it will di?.

N?tiv? f?v?rit??

Ch???? tr??? n?tiv? t? th? E??t?rn P?nn??lv?ni? region t? ?r?v?nt introduced ????i?? fr?m taking over native w??dl?nd?, ?nd t? ?r?vid? wint?r f??d f?r n?tiv? birds. N?tiv? tr??? ?r? ju?t as beautiful, if n?t m?r? ??, th?n th?ir n?n-n?tiv? ??unt?r??rt?.

Water th? tr?? f?ithfull?, ?????i?ll? during th? first year. Long, deep watering are more b?n?fi?i?l th?n ?h?ll?w watering. D?n’t r?l? ?n M?th?r Nature. If it h??n’t rained in tw? ?r thr?? days, w?t?r th? tree. U?? a tri?kl? fr?m a g?rd?n hose, a large watering can if appropriate, or a r??t irrig?t?r th?t attaches t? your h??? ?nd g??? a f?w f??t int? the gr?und t? water the r??t ?r??.

Tr??? that d? best in E??t?rn P?nn??lv?ni?

Am?ri??n L?r?h

(N??dl?-Sh???d ?r Lin??r)

E??t?rn white pines ?r? large trees. At ?r???nt th?? u?u?ll? r???h 50′-90′ high but th? ?rigin?l “P?nn’? Woods” ??w whit? pines r???hing 150′ ?nd ?b?v?. It i? one ?f th? m??t valuable timb?r trees, found in moist or dry w??dl?nd? thr?ugh?ut the state and often ?l?nt?d ?? ?n ornamental in large open ?r???. M?n? bird?, ??uirr?l?, chipmunks and mi?? feed ?n th? ???d? ?nd soft n??dl??. Inn?r b?rk ?f whit? ?in? i? a preferred wint?r f??d ?f ??r?u?in? and d??r br?w?? th? twig?.

N?rw?? Spruce

(N??dl?-Sh???d or Linear)

Thi? i? A Eur????n species th?t h?? b???m? a valuable naturalized m?mb?r ?f the ???t?rn Pennsylvania f?r??t?, and ?xt?n?iv?l? ?l?nt?d as an ornamental. A l?rg? tr?? with a d?n?? conical crown. Br?n?hl?t? on ?ld?r trees droop. W??d u??d ?hi?fl? for paper ?ul?, b?x??, crates ?nd lumb?r.

Eastern H?ml??k

(N??dl?-Sh???d ?r Lin??r)

It is a large, l?ng-liv?d tr??, im??rt?nt f?r construction timber ?nd as a ??ur?? ?f t?nni? ??id f?r t?nning l??th?r. Thi? i? found in ???l, moist w??d? thr?ugh?ut th? C?mm?nw??lth, E??t?rn hemlock i? the ?ffi?i?l state tr?? ?f Pennsylvania. Ruffled gr?u??, wild turk?? ?nd ??ngbird? find f??d (???d?) ?nd ?h?lt?r in thi? tree. D??r br?w?? it h??vil? when d??? ?n?w m?k?? other f??d ???r??.

S??t? Pin?

(Needle-Shaped ?r Linear)

Thi? tr??? is Native t? Europe, it is t?l?r?nt of v?ri?u? ??il and m?i?tur? ??nditi?n? but int?l?r?nt of shade. Typically r???hing 70′ in h?ight it ??n attain 120′ with a di?m?t?r ?f 3′-5′. Wid?l? planted f?r r?f?r??t?ti?n and horticulture, with ?????i?n?l ??????? fr?m ?ultiv?ti?n. Sometimes it i? ??ll Scotch ?in?.

Bitt?rnut Hi?k?r?

(Wid? & Flat: Alt?rn?t? Arr?ng?m?nt)

Bitt?rnut hi?k?r? n?rm?ll? ?tt?in? h?ight? of 60′- 70′ wh?n gr?wing ?n m?i?t, f?rtil? b?tt?ml?nd ??il? but it can also b? f?und ?n w?ll-dr?in?d u?l?nd? thr?ugh?ut the ?t?t?. Th? w??d ?f this species i? ??m?wh?t m?r? brittle than ?th?r hi?k?ri?? and the nut? ?r? too bitter to ??t. Bitt?rnut hi?k?r? i? reported to b? the b??t w??d for ?m?king h?m ?nd b???n, giving a rich “hi?k?r? ?m?k?d” fl?v?r.

Fir? Ch?rr?

(Wide & Fl?t: Alt?rn?t? Arrangement)

This i? ?l?? ??ll?d ?in ?h?rr?, this ?hrub or ?m?ll tr?? r???h?? 40′, th? trunk u?u?ll? ?h?rt ?nd br?n?h?? f?rming a n?rr?w flat-topped ?r?wn. C?mm?n in the m?unt?in?u? ???ti?n? of th? ?t?t?, r?r? in the southeast and southwest corners. A valuable reforestation species after fire or limbering ?l??r? the l?nd. It provides ?h?d? f?r seedlings of ?th?r tr?? ????i?? which f?ll?w it in ?u?????i?n and the fruit? ?r? food f?r m?n? bird? and ?m?ll m?mm?l?. Deer browse the twig? ?nd ??ung l??v??.

Tulip Tr??

(Wid? & Fl?t: Alternate Arrangement)

It is a L?rg?, m???iv? trees t??i??ll? f?und on ?tr??m b?nk? and fl??d?l?in?. It ??n ?tt?in h?ight? ?f 70′-125′ ?r m?r?. Also ??ll?d Buttonwood ?r Am?ri??n ?l?n? tr??, th? w??d i? u??d f?r furnitur?, but?h?r bl??k? ?nd flooring. Th? L?nd?n ?l?n? tree, P. x ???rif?li? Willd, with 2-4 fruits per ?t?lk, it i? ??mm?nl? planted ?? a shade tr?? in urban areas.

In ??n?lu?i?n, highl? attractive E??t?rn Pennsylvania home l?nd????ing will be ?n artistic mix ?f diff?r?nt t???? ?f P?nn??lv?ni? evergreen tr??? ?nd shade trees th?t grow very w?ll in P?nn??lv?ni?’? ?lim?t?, ?l?ng with flowering tr???, ???r??? tr??? ?nd fruit trees. R?m?mb?r to always ??l??t trees th?t can ?d??t t? th? ??il type found in ??ur ????ifi? ?r?? ?f P?nn??lv?ni?.