We know you want your lawn to be beautiful, lush and healthy. We also know that you want to feel that you are getting the most from your lawn care service in Pennsylvania.

However, the reality is that there are a lot of problems – and most of them include weeds

To begin with, weeds are the lawn’s worst enemy. They are also the reason why homeowners decide to hire lawn care services. 

What if you are already paying for lawn care and you have weeds breaking through between visits? What can you do to protect your lawn and make the most of it?

Below, we are answering these questions in detail. 

Give Your Weed Control Products Time to Work 

First of all, you should know that regardless of the lawn care program you have chosen, some weed breakthrough is going to happen… Even with the best service and weed control products applied, you can expect such problems.

The key here is to be patient and give your weed control products time to work. Lawn care experts recommend to wait from 10-14 days before contacting your lawn care company about your problem. 

Certain weeds can take longer than others to vanish. The more actively the weeds in your lawn are growing – the quicker your control products will work. At some times, however, growth and results may slow down

When you get in touch with your lawn care service, make sure to provide all the details and explain what you are dealing with. A professional lawn care service provider will want as much information as possible and work on these problems, keeping your lawn in order. 

weed control factors

The Main Aspects Of Removing The Weeds From Your Lawn

Lawn owners often encounter problems that are due to factors beyond the company’s control. A high percentage of issues originate from how the plants were put in. As a professional company, we will address these issues. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Rain 

We have received many questions from customers asking about the effectiveness of the weed treatment when it is applied before the rain. Most of the applications we use need to dry on the plan (which usually takes only a few minutes in the summer, spring or fall) and after that, they are watered in. Rain after an application is good. Although the weather is often unpredictable, we shift the dates of appointments to guarantee successful treatments. 

  • Pre-emergents

The pre-emergents we use in the fall or spring control grassy weeds such as annual bluegrass and crabgrass. We can’t prevent broadleaf or aggressive weeds from appearing. If these weeds emerge, give us a call and we will visit quickly to spray them. 

  • Intervals Between Applications

We try to space the applications about a few weeks apart. Even though the weather can affect this, you should expect no less than four weeks and no more than eight weeks between the two treatments. 

  • Length of Visit

Weed treatments can be applied promptly. Their value comes with the results they bring to your lawn and not the length of the lawn care company’s visit. We provide 100% coverage. 

  • Calls Between Treatments

If you are having issues with your lawn, don’t hesitate to call out a professional service. We are available and at your service between scheduled treatments. If it is something urgent, our landscape specialist will come out as soon as possible to check out your lawn and develop a plan to get your turf and your beautiful lawn back on track. 

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What You Shouldn’t Do When Weeds Emerge 

Even though some lawn owners have the best intentions when taking care of their green lawn, the most important advice is – don’t treat or pull your weeds. 

You may be tempted to pull out a couple of weeds by yourself just because you don’t want to bother your lawn care service provider. Another reason is that you can’t wait for your company to come and you want to take care of the problem yourself. Pulling your weeds can lead to more problems. This is why the best-case scenario is to leave the issue to professionals.

Lawn care companies treat the weeds in a unique way. If you pull up a weed in between your lawn care service visits, the specialist has no way of knowing you even had weeds in the first place – which is why they can’t treat it properly. You will find yourself in an ongoing game of the boring weed coming back. In other words – you haven’t solved the problem. 

Not all weeds are formed equally. There are three subtypes of weeds and each has its own prevention strategy:

  • Grassy weeds: Grassy weeds may look similar to the lawn’s grass. They are, in fact, considered grasses. Barnyard grass, goosegrass, and crabgrass are some of the examples. The best way to attack these grasses is to keep your turf longer and to water it deeply. We know from experience that longer grass shields the soil and helps to prevent the weed seeds from growing while infrequent and longer waterings help support strong root growth for your turf. 
  • Sedge weeds: Sedge weeds look similar to grassy weeds, however, they are most often found in bogs and have unjointed stems. Keep in mind that herbicides created for grassy weeds will not be effective on these weeds. Some examples of sedge weeds are wild onion or garlic, yellow and purple nutsedge, and Bethlehem. 
  • Broadleaf weeds: These are the most common types of weeds found in lawns. Their leaves are flat and wide. Ground ivy, white clover, dandelions, and violets are some of the most common broadleaf weeds. 

Pulling certain species of weeds can stimulate more growth. We solve the problem by treating the weeds with systematic and liquid substances that control the weed. 

There are some homeowners who spray their own weeds. This is another thing you shouldn’t do. You may get the wrong product and damage your whole lawn. These types of mistakes can impact our next professional treatment. 

It is always better to leave the weeds that pop up between visits. 

You can’t sit tight and want to do something to improve the situation. We understand you completely. The best thing to do is to create unfavorable weed conditions. 

weeds environment

Creating An Unfriendly Weed Environment (To Stop Your Weeds From Growing)

Just like other plants, weeds need good conditions to grow. When you are trying to get rid of weeds, your goal should be to create a lawn environment that makes it difficult for them to thrive. The harder it is for weeds to grow, the less likely is for them to spread their seeds and start taking over your beautiful lawn. 

When it comes to creating an unfriendly weed environment, there are a few things you can do. Properly mulching is one of them. Start by placing a layer of fabric or newspaper on top of the soil to block out the light. Add about two inches of mulch on the top before putting in the plantings. Make sure to plant them close together so there is less room for weeds to spread between them. 

Here are some great tips about maintaining your lawn in the best way possible and prevent a weed breakout:

  • Observe Your Lawn: It is recommendable to do weekly walk-around of your lawn to detect any changes that might imply you have an issue. Inform us about problems between visits to efficiently manage your property. 
  • Water Your Lawn: This is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. We can help you find a company to install a sprinkler system. If you already have a system and need tips on how to run it, we can help you with that. Your lawn should get around 1 inch of water per week. You can use a tune can as a measuring tool. When watering your lawn, place the can on the area being watered. When the can is full, you can stop watering. This can make a significant difference in the color of your lawn and its resistance to weeds and lawn diseases. If you are wondering why we treat your lawn during a drought it is because the lawn is a living organism that needs water and important nutrients even when it is going through a dry period. 
  • Don’t Overfertilize: Who doesn’t want their lawn to be green, beautiful, and healthy? Trying to achieve this by overfertilizing your lawn isn’t the best decision and you know it. Some grasses may be killed by overfertilizing. Instead, consult with your technicians to discover the best products to use for your lawn in-between visits. 
  • Look for Lawn Diseases: Any turf is susceptible to lawn disease at any time. We need your help to identify problems between the visits. Analyze your lawn and look for off-color rings, dead spots, browning spots, and something that doesn’t look natural to you. Trees are usually vulnerable and you should also look for spots on the leaves. If you notice any issues, don’t hesitate to bring them to our attention. 
  • Mowing: Mowing your lawn the same day a treatment is done is no problem as long as any application has dried. While frequent mowing is recommendable we also recommend lawn owners to let the clippings go back deep into the soil and provides your turf with the nutrients it needs. 
  • Look for Pests: Pests like Japanese beetles, armyworms, Eastern tent caterpillars, and tea scales can work quickly. Keep an eye between the visits to keep your lawn against infestation. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call us. 
  • Be Aware of Winter Kill: In the early spring, many of our customers notice dead turf. This can be a result of late freezers, grub infestations, winter temperatures or other problems. Consult with our team to discuss measures you can take to prevent lawn catastrophe. 
  • Shade: Most warm-season grasses have no shade and wide-open space. For example, Zoysia can be forgiving but this turf still needs plenty of sunlight whereas Fescue is best for shaded areas. The duration and timing of shade can make a huge difference. A lawn that gets morning shade can thrive if it gets afternoon sun. For warm-season grasses, 6-8 hours of sunlight is recommended. 

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What Is Causing Weeds In Your Lawn? 

Generally speaking, some weed breakthrough is completely normal – and you should not be afraid of it. Plus, there is no lawn care service program that will destroy weeds for good. If you feel like you are experiencing more weeds than you have before, there could be some reasons for that – listed below.

  • Changing Seasons

In some cases, weed breakthrough is a matter of season changes. You may think your lawn looks incredible in the spring but when summer comes, you will notice weeds you didn’t have before. 

It is important to know that when weather conditions change, so can weed growth. And since there are different types of weeds that are causing problems at different times of the year, it can lead to weed problems. Some lawns are invaded with tough weed varieties that appear during certain weather conditions or times of the year. 

As long as you are working with a lawn care service, you have nothing to worry about. We use different control products and have created different programs for different times of the year – to fully protect your lawn and deal with seasonal changes. 

  • Mowing Height

Mowing can play a big role in weed invasion. When a lawn is mowed too short, you are creating an environment that is prone to weed expansion. Our advice is to mow high (a recommendable height is 3.5 inches). The taller the grass, the better. 

If you are using a mowing service, they could be responsible for bringing weeds onto your lawn and spurring growth. They can (unintentionally) bring weeds from one lawn to another. 

  • Trimming Routines

Weed breakthrough is likely to happen around paved areas such as driveways when they are scalped by poor trimming routines. When your grass is cut short, weeds increase drastically. 

When cutting grass around these areas, make sure to use the vertical blade of the weed cutter. 

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Working With Green Turf Care To Get Rid of Weeds in Your Lawn

We understand that weed is the biggest complaint when it comes to lawn care problems. 

This is why at Green Turf Care, we take weed control very seriously. With more than two decades of lawn care experience, we are here to show you why our weed control and fertilization program are the best on the market. Our business:

  • Is locally owned and operated
  • Protects your property with an insurance policy
  • Provides a thorough evaluation of your lawn care needs
  • Works with licensed specialists and our staff and management are professionals
  • Guarantees customer satisfaction. 

In short…

Our customers hire us to take away their lawn worries and feel confident that they are working with the best.

We are here to help everyone enjoy a green and beautiful lawn. 

Our team of lawn care experts in Pennsylvania can get rid of any existing weeds safely (by using specialty programs for tough-to-control weeds) while giving your turf the nutrients it needs. We also provide grub control, fertilization and other services.


If you want to make your neighbours jealous of your beautiful lawn – it’s time to give us a call and let us to the rest.

Want to learn more about our services? Just visit our website, select the lawn care program that is right for you and wait for our pros to come and create the lawn of your dreams.