So, you live in Macungie and you’ve finally decided to hire out your lawn care to avoid the sweltering heat, those irritated bug n?bbl?? ?nd th? thr?bb?ng ???nfuln??? that t?k? ?ft?r d??ng it w?th?ut ?n??n?’? h?l?.

Th?ng? being wh?t they ?r?, ??u ??k, wh?m d? you ??ll? What’s th?t going t? cost m?? Whom would ?t b? a g??d ?d?? for ??u t? ?r??ur?? Y?u d? a l?ttl? r????r?h ?nd h?r? ??ur f?r?t l?wn company to d? th? fertilization and weed control. All th?ng? ??n??d?r?d, ??u saw their ??gn; they g?v? back ??ur ??ll and ?v?n g?v? you a d???nt l?w b?d. I?n’t that th? u?u?l w??? A????r? to be ?uff????ntl? b????. Be th?t as ?t may, what credentials d?d you confirm? Did th?? give ??u any references ?r a duplicate ?f their BBB report? D?d they offer ??u a duplicate of th??r bu??n??? protection ?????? Ar? any ?f th??? trul? th?t vital? All th?ng? ??n??d?r?d, th??’r? simply fertilizing th? gr???, and you h?v? b??n d??ng it w?th?ut anyone’s help for ?u?t? a long t?m?. Wh?t on earth ??uld turn out badly?

Indeed, t?d??’? the d??! Y?u’r? all ??g?r to return home since ?t’? the f?r?t week you d?n’t n??d t? ?tr??? ?v?r the lawn. You ??m? b??k fr?m a h?rd d?? at th? w?rk?l??? to discover ??ur driveway is covered with fertilizer; there’s been ??m? d?m?g?? t? your w?f?’? ??r wh?r? ??m?b?d?’? k??? running u? against ?t with ??m?th?ng yellow; the two irrigation heads ?n the fr?nt ?r? br?k?n. Furthermore, your ?r?z? r??? garden ?? destroyed, evidently b? th? drifting of weed control product. When you call th? organization, th?? ???l?g?z? and disclose th? h?rm t? your w?f?’? ??r was not from their crew but was from the kids riding their bikes; the w?nd?w? w?r? br?k?n b? rocks that someone must have thrown at your house, and ??ur ?r?z? r???? were ?ut ?n th? way ?f th??r guy’s runaway mower th?t t??k a l?f? of ?t? ?wn ?ft?r h? was kn??k?d ?ff b? a low h?ng?ng branch fr?m ??ur M??l? tree. H? ??uldn’t ??m?l?t? th? job since he w?nt to th? ER f?r a ??n?u????n ?nd lacerations. Wh?t’? more, ?h b? th? w??, th?? r??u?r?d th? name of ??ur H?m??wn?r? In?ur?n?? Ag?nt t? r???rd a ???? to ??v?r his ER b?ll ?nd l??t w?g?? ??n?? he couldn’t ??m? back t? l?b?r f?r a couple of d???. Tr? n?t t? th?nk this could h????n? All th?ng? ??n??d?r?d, it d?d, ?nd ?t does.

B?f?r? ??u ?r??ur? h?r? ANY contractor, request the certifications ???d ?b?v?. In ??rt??ul?r, g?t a duplicate of their Bu??n??? L??b?l?t?/Pr???rt? and Worker C?m??n??t??n ?????. All th?t mu?h l?k? ?ut? ?nd ?r???rt? h?ld?r? ?n?ur?n??, organizations ought t? ??nv?? security f?r wh?n harms ?r? ???u?r?d or created to ?th?r? und?r th??r ??n??d?r?t??n. Th?r? ?ught t? have b??n a ?r?t??t??n ?l??m ??t?t??n?d f?r this ??l?m?t? ?k??. B? th?t ?? ?t m??, ?t ought t? have f?ll?n ?n th? L?wn’? ??m??n? G?n?r?l Liability scope f?r th? h?rm? ?nd repairs t? your w?f?’? ?ut?, br?k?n w?nd?w? ?nd lost ?r?z? flower h?dg??. Th??r ?m?l????’? m?d???l b?ll? should have f?ll?n ?n th??r W?rk?r? C?m??n??t??n ??v?r?g?. Th? harm t? th??r run?w?? mower should be ???ur?d under their Business Property ??v?r?g?.

C?nt?nu?u?l? r??u?r? ??ur ??rv??? ?u??l??r? to ?h?w v?r?f???t??n of G?n?r?l L??b?l?t?, Pr???rt? ?nd Workers C?m??n??t??n ??v?r?g? b?f?r? ??rm?tt?ng them to ??t foot t? t?k? a shot at your property. Tr? not t? ?nd u? a casualty. B? ensured, n?t ?ur?r???d.