What is Dollar Spot and How to Prevent It?

Taking care of your lawn in Allentown, PA is an ongoing process, especially if you want your lawn to look fresh, clean, and green. Maintenance work such as mowing, watering, aerating, and fertilizing are required to keep your grass healthy. But, sometimes in spite of your best efforts, there comes a time when certain problems happen like dollar spot lawn disease.

What is Dollar Spot Lawn Disease?

This type of lawn disease infects and damages almost all types of grass. In its early stages, this disease creates roughly circular patches on your lawn and each spot may be about the size of a dollar. If dollar spot lawn disease is not taken into consideration and taken proper care of, it begin to progress by bleeding the patches into each other in order to create large and irregular discolored spot. This spot is a few feet in diameter.

How to Prevent Dollar Spot

Keep in mind that preventing this lawn disease might be much more efficient than fighting it. So, in order to prevent it, this is what you need to do:

  • Water Your Lawn Deeply and Not Infrequently – Once you notice that the weather conditions encourage the development of dollar spot, ensure to water your grass periodically, but you can leave your sprinkler on in order to stimulate a deep and deluging rainfall. Keep the sprinkler on for a few hours.
  • Mow Your Lawn Properly – If you learn how to mow your lawn properly you will stimulate healthy growth and possibly avoid dollar spot.
  • Fertilize Your Lawn in Late Spring – Adding nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn in the spring can help you ti minimize the chance of getting dollar spot.
  • Aerate Your Lawn – Lawn aeration can be an efficient method to enhance moisture penetration on your grass as dollar spot mostly occurs on drought-stressed lawns.

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