What Causes Necrotic Ring Spot Lawn Disease and How to Prevent It- Allentown, PA.

Struggling with necrotic ring spot lawn disease at your home in Allentown? Discover what causes this disease and why hiring our high-quality lawn care service is the best way to prevent it!

What is Necrotic Ring Spot – All You Need to Know

Necrotic ring spot lawn disease is caused by the fungus Ophiosphaeralla korrae. This type of lawn disease commonly occurs on 2-5 years old lawns, especially in boldly growing lawns. Necrotic ring spot can also be noticed in lawns that have covered soil (1-2 inches of topsoil placed down over hard condensed native soil, but not combined together). This results in a lawn with poor drainage and shallow roots.

Necrotic ring spot lawn disease commonly appears in late spring, fall, and spring during periods of wet and cool weathers. It can be severe on bentgrass and Kentucky bluegrass, but it can also attack red fescue, ryegrass, Chewing fescue, and tall fescue. Necrotic ring spot has a tendency to show up repeatedly, especially in areas infected previously.

Symptoms of Necrotic Ring Spot:

The symptoms of this disease may be obvious throughout the growing season, however, they are generally intensified in August or late July during periods of summer stress. Commonly, light-green to straw-colored patches few inches to few feet in diameter grow in the lawn. These patches may be noticed to one part of the lawn or widely spread throughout the yard. As the disease develops, grass at the patches starts to die and becomes tangled whereas the grass inside the ring remains green and healthy.

The Best Way to Prevent Necrotic Ring Spot

A combination of cultural, genetic, and chemical treatments can reduce the severity of this lawn disease, however, it is not going to help you get rid of it for good. Luckily for you, our lawn care Company can assist you and help you find a permanent solution!

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