Do you need help with weeds in Emmaus?

First of all, what is a weed?

A weed can be simply defined as a plant that is out of place. The best practice to minimize weeds in your grass is to maintain a healthy dense turf by properly feeding and mowing your lawn. In addition to this, you must plant the right turfgrass species in the right location. Even though you might property take care of your lawn, weeds can still pop up!


There are many types of weeds that homeowners face. The first important step is to properly identify the weeds that you want to get rid of. It is necessary to correctly identify the weeds. This will allow you to determine what type of weed control product will work best for you.


Here are four common weed types in your lawn: Grasses, Broadleaves, Sedges, and Rushes. The commonly known grass weeds are crabgrass, goosegrass, quackgrass, and annual bluegrass. Most homeowners are aware of broadleaf weeds. Chickweed, henbit, broadleaf plantain, clover, and dandelion can be spotted very quickly in a grassy area. Yellow and purple nutsedge are common sedge weeds that can be identified by their triangular stems. The last weed type is Rush weed. A common weed that is typically found at golf courses is called path rush.


There are other types of weeds that do not fall in the 4 main categories. An example would be wild garlic, and wild onion. Weed prevention is a task that anyone who maintains a lawn must be knowledgeable on. Make sure you identify the correct weed before applying products. Weeds have life cycles and must be controlled in many different ways.


Proper weed identification is the best start to getting the lawn of your dreams in Emmaus.