How do you understand weed cycles for your lawn in Macungie.

Weeds in your lawn have three different life cycles.  They can be divided into annual, biennials, and perennials.  Annuals germinate from seed, grow, mature, and die in less than 12 months.  There are two different types of annuals.  Knowing this, will allow you to determine the right product to control these weeds.  Winter Annuals will germinate in the fall, so beware of these weeds.  Common winter annuals are henbit and chickweed.  After they germinate, winter annuals will overwinter as plants, mature in the spring, flower, set seed and then die during the summer.  Summer annuals are very similar, the only difference is the season in which they come.  This weed type will germinate in the spring, grow during the summer, flower, set seed in the late summer and die in the fall.  A very common summer annual is crabgrass and goosegrass.

Biennials are mostly known for the annoying bull thistle.  This weed type has a two year life cycle.  They form rosettes and store nutrients in their root system.  Once the second year comes, you will see them begin to flower.  Other biennial weeds are wild carrot, and musk thistle.

Perennial weeds live more than two years.  These weeds will most likely be found in your lawn each summer.  This weed type can be very difficult to control.  A homeowner must be aware of their lawn during the cool and warm weather.  Many different types of perennials love weather change.  Common perennials are dandelion, wild garlic, paspalum, and yellow nutsedge.

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