Signs and symptoms identify lawn problems; make sure you know the difference between the two! A sign is the problem-causing organism itself, while a symptom is the grass’s reaction to the organism.

A clear example of a symptom is when an insect begins to eat at your grass. Your home in Macungie could have signs of bare, brown, dead patches.  This will begin to appear very quickly, making your lawn look awful. A sign of the problem is when you see an armyworm chewing on a leaf or a sod webworm moth flying up from the lawn as you mow. Most of the time, the hard part in troubleshooting for insects is that you rarely ever identify the sign. It almost always happens that we see the symptom first. Our lawn care battle would be much easier if we spotted the moth before we noticed the brown dead patches.

Some symptoms are actually really small but still can do damage over time. Scale insects and mites are so tiny that they can only be spotted through a magnification! Most people will not crawl around their lawn with a 5-10 power magnifying glass to see what is going on in their lawn.

The key to finding insects is to do your best to be aware of the signs. If you miss the sign be aggressive in tackling the symptom. Don’t let the issue spread and allow the insect to cause more harm to your lawn.  Green Turf Care would love to assist you in any questions you might have.  Contact us today!