A perfectly healthy and lush lawn doesn’t just tend to itself!


We have great news for you — maintaining your lawn may not be as difficult as you think. Sure, there will always be a little sweat equity (you have to work for it), but with the right lawn care tool, the job just got much easier!


At Green Turf Care, we’re all about those emerald green lawns that you just want to squish your toes into, and, with our lawn care treatments, your lawn is about to have its best season yet! Take a moment and learn about the basic lawn care tools you need and how they’ll make lawn care this summer much more effortless.

Basic Lawn Care Tools (For a Thick, Healthy Lawn)


The truth of the matter is, with the proper lawn care equipment, cultivating a beautiful lawn isn’t as arduous. And, it doesn’t have to break the bank, but you also want lawn care equipment that will get the job done right.


Let’s dive into what you’ll need in your lineup.




A decent lawnmower is essential to keeping a trimmed and well-manicured lawn. Lawnmowers come in two varieties including reel-type and rotary.


Reel – Reel mowers are the less common of the two types, and are powered by simply pushing them forward. This type of lawnmower is perfect for small yards that are level. The draw to push mowers is they’re inexpensive and eco-friendly (zero emissions). When they’re kept sharp, they produce a superb cut, but if the grass grows too long, the mower does not cut efficiently.


Rotary – Rotary lawn mowers are either gasoline or electric powered. The blades of this type of mower cut horizontally, cleaving the tops off the grass. It’s important to keep these blades sharp because a dull blade will tear the grass. A nice feature on rotary mowers is their ability to collect clippings in a bag for easy disposal and a mulching blade that creates mulch on the side of the equipment.




Rakes are an important lawn care tool because they’re so versatile and come in handy for a lot of yard projects. It can combat thatch, leaves, and any yard debris. You’ll get to know your lawn a lot better when you spend time raking — you see where it is thriving and where it could use some help.




Lawn compaction is quite detrimental to the health of your lawn — you want your lawn to be able to breathe and absorb all the water and nutrients it needs so it can grow in full and thick. Aeration is the best way to remedy a compacted lawn.  


Aerators come in a variety of forms such as a pitchfork-style for small areas and push aerators, to fully powered aerator machines. To keep things simple, invest in a lawn care company to help you out. Hint: they have the best equipment!


Keeping your lawn luscious and full this summer may lie with a lawnmower, rake, and aerator, but, there are many more lawn care tools to explore. Look for part two very soon!

If you want to leave the responsibility of a beautiful lawn to someone else, get a healthy and green lawn with us! Schedule an appointment today!