The Best Way to Prevent Your Lawn from Fusarium Patch Lawn Disease

Having lawn problems at your home in Allentown? Fusarium patch maybe? Learn what causes this lawn disease exactly and what to do to prevent your lawn from it!

All You Need to Know About Fusarium Patch Lawn Disease

Fusarium Patch or Michrodochium nivale is a fungus that attacks turf or more precisely fine turf. This lawn disease is one of the most damaging ones especially because it can be difficult to control. Fusarium Patch is found most commonly during winter, autumn, and early spring, but keep in mind that the attack can happen at any time of the year.

Is there a possible way that can help you detect this disease?

Here are few symptoms to look out for:

  • Fusarium Patch is first noticed in a form of small patches of dying and yellowish grass that later can turn brown.
  • Patches can increase in size and sometimes they may reach up to 30cm (12inches) or more in diameter. They often merge together in order to affect larger areas.
  • You can notice a pinkish or white cottony fungal growth during wet conditions, especially at the margins of the patches.

There are other conditions that can encourage the development of Fusarium Patch:

  • Reduced daylight hours
  • Lower light levels due to cloud cover
  • Morning mists that are slow to clear
  • Overnight temperatures remaining above seasonal averages
  • Lack of air movement

In order to prevent your lawn from Fusarium Patches you can use non-chemical and chemical methods of control:

Non-Chemical Methods of Control:

  • Make sure your lawn dries quickly after rainfall by improving the drainage and aeration
  • Enhance general airflow over your lawn
  • Remove all heavy dews with a switch in the morning
  • Make sure to avoid high dosage of nitrogen fertilizer in autumn and late summer

Chemical Methods of Control:

  • Professional Fungicides (Preventive, Curative, Preventive & Curative)
  • Domestic Fungicides

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