10 Handy Tools to Make Your Lawn Beautiful

We all know that high quality lawn tools are important for a healthy lawn. This is what most of the lawn companies advise. Whether it’s aeration and overseeding, lawn mowing or general maintenance and making most of the DIY lawn care services when the new season knocks on the door, as a lawn owner you need to know a couple of lawn care basics in order to make your yard looking at its best.

Both hand and motor-based tools are important for making most of the best lawn care services by yourself.

Today, we are listing the ten essential tools your lawn can’t live without. So, prepare your list and start taking notes!

1.Cordless Mulching Lawn Mower

Getting a cordless lawn mower makes the mowing process a breeze. It is perfect for smaller jobs and has zero-emission. Usually, these lawn mowers come powered by 24 volts and are able to cut about ? acre on a single charge.

The greatest thing about going electric is that you will say goodbye to the pull-cord start, you will save on fuel costs and won’t require any maintenance or tune-ups. With a cordless mulching lawn mower, lawn care in Allentown is much easier and you will get another benefit from charging your unit overnight – and mowing through the day.

Oh, and you can also have your mower collect the grass in the included mulching plate or bag!


You may be asking yourself why a chainsaw makes its way in the list of handy lawn care tools.

However, if you live on a wooded lot or got a fire pit, a chainsaw is a must. One of the best models in the category is Husqvarna’s 50th Anniversary 450 for landlowers – a true best seller which is equipped with a SmartStart system that ensure easy and smooth start-up.

More importantly, the machine features the ideal mix of power and weight. It combines low weight (11 lbs) with high power (3.2 hp) ensuring low emissions and great fuel efficiency. The X-TORQ engine is a masterpiece in its own way, boasting a vibration reduction technology as well as tons of other safety features.

For occasional users, this chainsaw is just perfect. However, you should not forget your safety gear when operating it – protective chaps and jeans, eye/ear protection and proper footwear/gloves are important.

3.Electric Leaf Shredder

If your lawn has trees, chances are that you either hire lawn care companies to take them out or do the job on your own. In either case, even the most beautiful tree-lined property demands some work revolving around clearing soggy leaves and shredding them for quick compost.

Luckily, there is a machine that can help you out and let you save the money you would spend on lawn care services. The electric leaf shredder usually comes with a few settings and excels when it comes to turning bags of wet or dry leaves, pine needles, slender aster or paper into a bag of mulch in seconds.

Its motor uses various speeds and allows you to customize the power that you are using. The included stand is a bonus – making room for a collection bin to be placed underneath. Again, we advise you to use safety glasses and hearing protection before you make most of this leaf shredder.

4.Wood Chipper/Shredder

Just like you need a shredder for your leaves, you might consider one for your wood as well. Instead of hauling the piles of brush, leaves and limbs to the curb and paying lawn care companies and refuse pick-ups, you can invest in a wood chipper and streamline the process of destroying the wood from your yard.

There are many different wood chippers out there. We recommend choosing one that is manufactured by a reliable company, is wheeled and lightweight – all in order to let you chip as many wood as possible.

Also, make sure to get a machine with a wide handle so that your woodwork is easier to move by hand.


If you have typed “lawn care near me” or “lawn care allentown” looking to find the best lawn care services for each season, it won’t hurt to do a little research and see how you can take care for your lawn by investing in a few machines for optimal lawn care.

Fifth on this list of handy tools for lawn care is a cultivator. Even though it may look unnecessary to you, a mini-cultivator translates to a multi-tasking yard care system. You can customize it with an aerator, sweeper, edger and other attachments. The great thing is that this will cost you less money and space than filling your garage with a bunch of machines which can only do single jobs.

So, focus on finding an all-in-one cultivator and thereby eliminate the need for a fast-pull starting cord to all of the soil and yard prep functions. This is another high-power and low-weight tool – even though you can add some weight to it for an easier start.

6.Alligator Lopper

An alligator lopper can be the perfect tool for homeowners that are not living in the wilderness and have a couple of tree and shrub branches to handle. Even these minimum effort lawn care services can be performed with an alligator lopper.

The structure of this handy tool is pretty basic – it uses the clamping jaws to grab and prune tree branches that are up to four inches in diameter, behaving very similarly to a shear with a bite. You can use it for in-between jobs that are too big for manual pruners, yet too small for chain saws.

On a side note, an alligator lopper can be the perfect replacement for a high-power chain saws – mostly because it is quiet and gasoline-free, yet stays sharp for a long time. Oh, and we should mention that it is also a go-to tool for most of the best lawn care services and providers in Allentown.

7.Electric Log Splitter

A handy tool like this one can let you split logs that are up to 20 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter. You can split them like butter with the 5-ton machine which features a 15 amp induction motor and runs on regular household current.

All of this eliminates the need for fuel as well as fumes but also lets you kick back near the glow of your backyard fire pit. Compact and easily moved by one person, the electric log splitter comes with a six foot extension cord for added convenience.

There is two-handed operation mode that keeps your hands clear of any danger and requires you to initiate the splitting away from the blade. Plus, it won’t hurt your wallet and will save you the money you will give to the lawn care companies.

8.Hedge Trimmer

Admit it – nothing is worse than finishing the hedge and realizing that you have got an hour-long clean-up still ahead when you look down.

Thanks to a hedge trimmer, however, this is not an option. One great model by the Garden Groom Pro brand is known to the best lawn care services as a handy tool that can trim, shred, vacuum and collect the waste into an attached oversized collection bag.

On a side note, this model is a safe alternative to trimming and comes with concealed blades that protect you and the power cord from any accidental cuts. Just like most of the other tools we have listed, it also comes with two-hand operation with large top and rear handles that make for more safety and precision.

9.Outdoor Sweeper

This one may be a luxury but still gets a lot of job done around the lawn. Essentially, an outdoor sweeper will prevent getting your hands dirty in the yard in a more enthusiastic way about the clean-up.

Making quick and easy work of tidying, the people-powered push machine known as the Haaga Topsweep 255 is among the bestselling models out there. It features a dual-action sweeping system that comes with rotating brushes and is able to pick up wet and dry debris – perfect during the process of aeration and overseeding.

In other words, this little tool brushes everything into a built-in collection unit without stirring up much dust. Lightweight and great for walks and drives, the unit can be easily assembled without any tools and can be stored flat, saving you space.

10. Digging Tools

If you want to master the DIY work instead of hiring lawn care companies, you need to consider the digging of your lawn. Basically, these are the tools that you should use:

  • Pointed and square-edged shovels: for turning loose earth
  • Spade: for digging up just about anything
  • Spading fork: square-tined implement that won’t bend out of shape
  • Hoe: long-handled for cultivating; scuffle hoe for cutting weeds
  • Pick: for piercing
  • Mattock: for cutting and chopping roots
  • Hoses: 50-footers are standard, with a 1-inch diameter and cast solid brass connectors
  • Dandelion tool: a chisel-like tool that can fit in your back pocket

11. Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are very important for optimal lawn care. Here are the ones we recommend:

  • Pruners: with a sheath
  • Loppers: for chopping off heavy branches
  • Pruning saw: for getting in between branches
  • Hedge shears: the low-tech manual type for shap­ing topiaries, electric or gas shears for hedges
  • Commercial tool and blade sharpener: to keep cut­ting edges sharp

12. Grading Tools

Instead of Googling “lawn care near me” when you need to do some grading, we recommend the following tools:

  • Lawn roller: a heavy device (usually filled with water) that’s used to level lawns
  • Hand tamper: for compressing soil, gravel or crushed stone
  • Power tamper (aka Jumping Jack): the same as a hand tamper, but gas-powered
  • Vibratory plate compactor: for compacting soil on big jobs

13. Safety Equipment

Last but not the least is safety – and here are the tools you need for a safe work around your lawn:

  • Fuel & chemical storage
  • Protective clothing
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection (glasses)
  • Hearing protection (assorted earplugs, earmuffs etc.)
  • Personal protection (back support, kneeling pads, gel, rubber comfort pads etc.)
  • Job site safety (fencing, caution tape etc.)

Final Words

We hope that this list of handy tools for lawn care will help you save money that you would otherwise spend by hiring lawn care companies in Allentown.

Even though the list is quite extensive and sums up to a thousand to two thousand dollars, it will definitely save you money in the long run and let you be the master of your own lawn.

On the other hand, professional lawn care is great because it saves you from the need of storing each of these units in your garage and leaves space for you. Also, it saves you time and lets you do the things you want (if lawn care is not among them).

Speaking of which…

At Green Turf Care, we pride ourselves on helping lawn owners make most of their lawn – creating a lush green lawn in every single yard. From aeration and overseeding to mowing the lawn and conditioning it, our lawn care services are perfect for anyone’s needs.

For more information about the best lawn care in Allentown and a chance to talk to some of our lawn specialists, contact us today and get a free estimate!