Level up your lawn with the right blend of grass seed!

In part one, we parted the blades and began exploring different kinds of grass. In today’s post, we’ll cover several more of the most common grasses. 

Why is grass variety important?

While most of us don’t need to be able to recall all the types of grasses — trivia anyone?! — it is important that we know the difference of cool and warm-season grasses to help you plan for the type of grass seed blend you may need — get the information in part one! 

Not wanting to memorize grasses that are great for Pennsylvania lawns? No worries! Green Turf has you covered! Not only can we create a grass seed blend customized to your lawn, but you can get all the information on it in today’s post!

The grass is greener with these varieties!  

We’ve gotten to know Bahia and Bent grass and below there are many more grasses you should know!

Know The Facts!

Thriving lawns provide more than just a beautiful exterior and a place to play — learn more about their functions!

A healthy dense lawn will prevent water run-off and can absorb rainwater more efficiently than both wheat and hay crops.

Lawns trap pollution! They help give Mother Nature a hand by catching an estimated 12 million tons of harmful dust and dirt particulates!

Lawns are natural air-conditioners! Lawns have a cooling effect capacity around 70 tons, while your home AC only has about three to four tons!

A yard with a thick, lush lawn also absorbs noise and helps to reduce glare.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is an easy type of grass to establish and is widely used in home lawn care. It’s drought-resistant and does well with regular lawn maintenance. The one downside of Bermuda grass is it tends to have unfavorable grass heads, that some would prefer to steer clear from. 

Buffalo Grass

This is a native grass of the Great Plains area, namely Montana to Mexico. You can imagine how it got the name Buffalo grass — many great buffalo roamed the Great Plains and were supported by this grass. 

It’s thought that Buffalo grass is the only native turfgrass of North America, and it resists drought and extreme temperatures very well. 

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass grows well in sandy, wet areas with a low soil pH. It requires regular maintenance and is susceptible to drought, so plan on watering it more than your typical turfgrass.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass grows in thick and beautiful while being able to withstand a variety of weeds. It does well in shaded areas and is an adaptive grass. 

Fescue Grass

This type of grass is great for Pennsylvania lawns! It’s disease resistant and tolerates heavy foot traffic, making it a great choice for families with kids and pets. It’s almost an evergreen lawn, staying green eight to nine months out of the year. 

Kentucky Blue Grass 

If Kentucky blue grass receives proper care, it is a thriving, lush lawn! The caveat is — it’s not drought-resistant so it needs an abundance of water and kept at a consistent length of three inches (to avoid dehydration).  

Rye Grass

Rye grass does not do great in drought conditions, but it’s hardy and can withstand dehydration from overmowing. It fairs well in temperate climates, but tends to be prone to pests. 

St. Augustine Grass 

This is a fast-growing turfgrass — mow every five to seven days — and if there is too much fertilizer and overgrowth occurs, it may invite pesky pests. 

Zoysia Grass

Many homeowners and lawn care companies love Zoysia grass! It’s slow-growing but it’s a great option to fill in patches. With this warm-season grass, you will have less watering, mowing, and fertilizing.  

What turfgrass will work in your part of Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking to overseed your Pennsylvania lawn, there are a variety of cool-season grasses (and some warm-season) that do well in our region. 

When you partner with Green Turf Care, they’ll custom blend grass seed tailored to the needs of your lawn, so if you’re ready for a uniform lawn that comes in full, green, and thriving every spring season, work with us today!

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