Taking Proper Care of Leaf Spot and Melting-Out Lawn Diseases

Struggling with leaf spot and melting-out lawn diseases at your lawn in Allentown, PA? Learn more about diseases and discover the best way to treat them properly!

All You Need to Know about Leaf Spot and Melting-Out Diseases

Melting-out and leaf sport are the two most used names when it comes to lawn disease caused by the same group of fungi. They are incited by a family of fungi including Drechslera, Bipolaris, and Exserohilum. They contain a huge number of disease-causing organisms which give your lawn a real attack causing leaf spots. Still, as the nitrogen level is increased during the cool season and cutting height is reduced, leaf spot diseases can become so severe that can make a total damage on your lawn and complete loss of the turf can happen.

The lawn disease can survive the winter on and in the diseased turf tissue. But when spring temperatures reach up to 60 degrees and you can notice a lot of moisture from dew or rain, the fungus begins to develop and spreads its spores by water and the wind. Once the weather warms, this lawn disease moves to the second phase or melting-out.

Symptoms of Leaf Spot and Melting-Out

The fungi commonly first attack the leaves, making small brown spots. As the disease spreads, the spots on leaf blades grow and produce a purplish-red and dark oval border around the tan center. These spots extend until the entire leaf blade is destroyed. This phase is less damaging to the turf than the melting-out phase. In melting-out phase, the roots and crowns are damaged, which can cause serious thinning of the turf.

How to Prevent Leaf Spot and Melting-Out

In order to prevent leaf spot and melting-out lawn diseases, you can use cultural and chemical control methods. Probably, one of the most important factors in controlling these lawn diseases is not to apply excessive doses of nitrogen fertilizer in early spring. The fungicides can also effectively control these diseases, but a proper application and correct timing are crucial.

Hire Professional Lawn Care Assistance

Although the cultural and chemical methods can keep control on the lawn diseases, they are a temporary solution only!

Hiring our lawn care Company is a permanent solution! We provide fabulous service in Allentown, PA and we will take exceptional care of your lawn! Give us a call!