Spring is right around the corner and here at GreenTurf, your local Macungie lawn maintenance team, we couldn’t be more excited to put winter behind us. Preparing your lawn for Spring is an important step to having happy and healthy grass year-round. Sadly, our lawns can’t talk and tell us what they need. But if they could talk, our lawns might explain how we’re killing them without even knowing it.

1. Have you thrown the whole kitchen sink at your lawn and nothing is working? It may be time to start over and call in the professionals. The answer to your lawn problems could be that you’re simply trying to do too much.

2. You’re overwatering. Don’t go crazy with watering, but don’t slack off either. Deep, infrequent watering helps grass thrive and minimizes weed growth. Heavy watering tends to saturate the ground layer, but doesn’t penetrate the root. Grass only needs about an inch of watering a week.

3. Stop cutting your grass so short! Giving your lawn a buzz cut puts stress on the grass, exposes the roots and soil and reduces its ability to fight off pests and weeds. We recommend never cutting your grass shorter than 3 inches.

4. Fertilize the right way. Incorrectly applying fertilizer will quickly turn your lawn from green to brown. Always use a broadcast spreader to ensure even application. Too much fertilizer in one area will kill your grass, so never pour it directly out of the bag.

5. Pay attention to your lawn! Even though it can’t talk, it will let you know when weeds and pests get the best of it.