Speedy Communication is our key to keeping lawn care clients happy in Allentown!

Do you remember the days when you had to wait for an hour to have your pizza delivered? Times have changed with online ordering! It almost seems like a competition for each restaurant to get the customer’s order to their home faster and fresher than anyone else!

Today, in the lawn care field, Green Turf Care LLC also strives to keep customer service and communication a top priority. We know that Macungie residents want a quick response to meet their call for lawn maintenance help!

One of the favorite parts of our work is making a goal to answer our phones, respond to emails and follow up on our clients with fast and friendly service. We are not casual when it comes to digital communication.

Green Turf Care is listed in many local listing sites, and we are careful to frequently update our social accounts. A potential homeowner in Emmaus can easily use their search engine to find out about us!

Our existing clients have the convenience of using our custom client portal to help them keep in touch with us about their grass. Clients always receive current updates about their property. Green Turf notifies each client the day before a treatment is completed and emails him or her after the treatment is done.

We are particular about billing our customers accurately and on time. Our company has put systems in place to make sure that each client in the Lehigh Valley is completely satisfied.

Does your current lawn care company annoy you with the way they communicate with you? Is it always a struggle to get your lawn service invoice? Do they respond quickly to questions you ask about your turf?

Hey, if a pizza company can deliver your order in 30 minutes or less why can’t a lawn care company give you the customer service that you deserve? Trust Green Turf to provide you with the most honest, dependable lawn service you’ve ever had! You’ll be glad you did!