Generally, all homeowners want to have a nice, green lawn. There is no magical switch to turn on when it comes to having the perfect lawn. As is everything in life, it takes some sweat and elbow grease! There are some things you must consider when establishing or repairing your lawn. Unfortunately, too many landscape companies install new lawns without even considering some of the most important steps. Have you ever seen a new home in a subdivision with an awful lawn? The homeowner is trying to follow all of the right procedures but their work isn’t bringing the results that they want. The problem is the lack of following a step-by-step soil preparation plan.

5 steps to follow when preparing your soil for seeding.

  1. Loosen the soil. This can be done with a simple rake or for bigger jobs, try using a rototiller.
  2. Remove any unwanted debris. Keep a careful eye out for stones, concrete, stumps or roots.
  3. Rake the area. You will be amazed with what a simple garden rake will do. Your objective will be to break up any clumps of dirt.
  4. Use a starter fertilizer. This will work wonders when starting a new lawn!
  5. Grade the lawn. The goal is to collect any final unwanted debris.

This is not a complete list of things that you can do to prepare your soil. The 5 steps mentioned here, will be sufficient for seeding. If you want to take it a step further you can install pulverized topsoil or aerate. These tips will bring you the lawn of your dreams!  For other lawn service questions please contact us at our office in Macungie, PA.