How to sharpen your mower blades in Macungie.

If you do not use your local lawn care company in Macungie to cut your lawn, you must be aware of important maintenance tips.

Almost all of Green Turf Care’s clients mow their lawn every week in Macungie. This means that our incredible clients have mowed their lawn about 17x already this season! With that being said, their mower mostly likely could use a little bit of simple maintenance. Today, I would like to cover the task of sharpening the blade.

For a clean cut the mower blade has to be sharp. If you have noticed a grayish brown color on your grass, this is due to dull blades. You will benefit greatly when sharpening the blade on your mower.

The easiest way to learn how to take care of your mower is to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. If you can’t find the documents, the instructions that follow will work for you.

  1. Remove the spark plug wire. Clamp a 2×4 block to the deck to keep the blade from spinning around. Spay a little bit of penetrating oil on the bolt that holds the blade, and give it a few minutes to soak on the threads. Before you take the blade off make sure to remember which side is the top and bottom. You don’t want to re-install the blade upside down! Turn the nut counterclockwise with a sock wrench.
  2. Once the blade is off, take a quick look at it to make sure there are no cracks or major nicks in the blade. If this is the case, then discard the blade and buy a new one. As you begin to sharpen the blade, it is best to use a grinder. Follow the factory angle of the cutting edge and be careful not to press the blade too hard against the wheel. Keep the angle consistent on both ends of the blade. Once you have finished both sides, easily stroke the sharp edge with a mill file.
  3. The last step is to rebalance the blade. If you do not balance your blade, the lawn will be uneven and your mower can face potential problems. A balancing kit is available at most local hardware stores. If the blade is favoring one side, grind the heavier side, and then recheck the blade.

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