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Remove English Lawn Daisy with Lawn Care – Allentown, PA

Bellis Perennis or the English Lawn Daisy is known by a different range of names. It can be called Bruisewort or bone flowers, as well as double flowers depending on who you ask. Regardless of what it’s called, the English Lawn Daisy can be a serious problem your lawn or garden. Although it’s used in by many gardeners as a popular perennial, many other green thumbs despise the English Lawn Daisy weed.

Although these weeds can be quite attractive, they are also some of the most hardy weeds you’ll ever encounter. The English Lawn Daisy can quickly establish itself in your garden or your lawn, making lawn care extremely important. With the right level of lawn care, maintenance you can eliminate the chances of this weed taking root in your garden.

English Lawn Daisy Lawn Care tips

Identifying English Lawn Daisy – Capable of growing throughout the year, these daises can grow between 4 to 7 inches in height. These weeds usually grow in circular formations and can stay very close to the ground. Identifying English Lawn Daisy can be simple to do by looking at the leaves of the weed.

Featuring rounded, spoon shaped leaves the English Lawn Daisy weed can also have several hairs on it. These leaves can also have serrated or toothed edges and feature bright flowers. The flowers of the English Lawn Daisy can range in coloration, with white or pink flower petals with bright yellow centers.

How English Lawn Daisy can grow – Commonly found along the roadways, and even in concrete cracks the English Lawn Daisy is also common along lakes or rivers. They thrive in areas with partial sunlight. These English Lawn Daisy weeds prefer highly moisturized soil that’s rich in nutrients. They are very hardy and aren’t affected by insects or poor soil conditions.

Reproduction – The English Lawn Daisy weed can grow from the spread of their internal rhizomes. These rhizomes can grow under ground as well as above soil, reproducing and spreading like wildfire. It’s for this simple reason that the California Weed Science Society says that English Lawn Daisy weeds are among the toughest broadleaf turf weed.

Removing English Lawn Daisy weed – You can manually dig up to remove this weed, and eliminate them. Because this weed has thin and long taproot, simply mowing your lawn often won’t help. Although you can use herbicides to remove the English Lawn Daisy weed, it’s often preferable to properly maintain your grass through lawn care. When digging up this English Lawn Daisy weed, it’s best to dig up the soil around it to eliminate taproot.

If manually removing this weed won’t help, you may need some help with your lawn care. Turn to penoxsulam which is a sulfonamide-based herbicide to deal with this pretty, yet annoying weed in your lawn.

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