Quality lawn care service is our passion in Macungie!

Major Difference #7 – Quality
For each of the services we offer we have very strict internal procedures outlining how we operate.  These procedures ensure you will receive a consistent, high quality experience.

The following example pertains to our fertilization and weed control program.  However, this example illustrates how we think and how all of the different services we offer work.
We start by accurately measuring your lawn.  It is NECESSARY to record an accurate measurement as the size of your property determines the ideal amount of material needed specifically for your lawn.  If a company identifies your 8,000 sq. ft. lawn as 6,000sq. ft. they can legally apply 6,000 sq. ft. of fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed treatment material to your lawn.   Doing so saves them money but harms the quality of the work you are paying for.  Green Turf Care will measure your lawn and show you the calculations.   We do not cut corners.
We commit to applying the treatments as scheduled.  Some companies hedge by saying they will apply “weather permitting” or “as needed.”  We apply all treatments as outlined in our written schedule / agreement.
We do not apply treatments when it is very windy or the temperature is too high or low.  It is an inconvenience to us to delay an application.  However, it is what is best for your lawn.  Applying an application at the wrong time will result in subpar quality.  We commit to excellent service and superior quality.
We spot treat Crab Grass, Nutsedge and all types of Broadleaf and Grassy weeds in the summer.  Our program covers all weed types.  We do not charge extra to treat certain types of weeds.   We suggest asking whomever you are considering if these weed types are covered and if there will be an additional charge to treat them.  We do not believe in hidden fees and surprise charges to make our initial pricing look more attractive.
We use expensive, very desirable slow release nitrogen in 3 out of 4 applications.  Many companies use less expensive and less desirable quick release nitrogen to cut their costs. We use only the very best fertilizer with slow release nitrogen.  This eliminates surge growth.  Yes, it costs us more money, but we believe it is the solution that delivers the best quality.
We use the best products available.  We use products that require a license to purchase.  We do not use products available at Home Depot.  The products used to care for your lawn are the very best available.
Finally, we built a system to optimize the treatment day around your watering and mow day!  Such a system could not be cheap…so we have worked for years fine tuning our system.  It’s important.  If the lawn is mowed too soon before or after a treatment you might as well donate the money to charity.  Mow too soon and the weed hasn’t had time to absorb the treatment before it is mowed.  Treat to early after mowing and there won’t be any weed visible to treat.  That is how weeds get missed!
We believe we have taken a step few other companies will spend the money to fix.  If you use another company to treat your lawn you might consider the advantages of using Green Turf Care for both mowing and fertilization and weed control.