Pests can do some serious damage to your lawn, but how do you know when to call an exterminator?

Your lawn is a big deal. It plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal, and it provides a beautiful place to play for your kids and pets. We all want the best for our lawns, but there are many things that threaten it, including pests. Pests can be incredibly destructive to our lawns, and the sooner you can get the pest control you need in Macungie, the better off you’ll be. But how do you know when it’s time to call an exterminator? Here are a few signs that your lawn has a pest problem:

#1. Dying Patches of Grass

Pests are typically very small, and they can only destroy so much of your yard at a time. A great way to catch pests before the damage gets too out of control is to watch out for patches of dying grass. These patches typically indicate the presence of grubs that have been eating away at your lawn’s root system.

#2. Burrows

Have you found burrows in your yard? Many different predators, including rats and chipmunks, thrive off of insects, and will typically build their burrows in places where food is easy to come by. If your yard is full of pests, it’s not uncommon to find burrows of predators that have come to feast on the insects below your lawn’s surface.

#3. Dirt Mounds

As we mentioned earlier, many insect-eating predators will dig their burrows in areas where food is in strong supply, like a pest-infested yard. However, these pests can do their own damage. Moles will often create volcano-like dirt mounds when they push through the surface of the ground, so if you’ve spotted dirt mounts in your lawn, you may have a mole problem. They create intricate tunnels throughout your yard that can do significant damage to your lawn.

#4. Stripes in the Grass

Have you noticed that the dead grass in your yard is arranged in a narrow, striped pattern? If so, there’s a good chance that you have mole crickets in your yard. Mole crickets will tunnel through your lawn, eating away at the root system as they go, which is why those narrow stripes are formed.

#5. Drench Your Lawn

If you suspect that you have a pest problem, but you aren’t sure if it warrants professional pest control, take a few minutes to do the drench test. This test involves pouring a gallon of soap and water over a patch of dead grass in your lawn. Anything that may be living below the surface will quickly come up in order to avoid getting suffocated. This will give you a good idea of how serious the infestation is.

Let us help you keep the pests at bay.

There’s no doubt about it, pests can do some real damage to your lawn, but you’re not helpless to the destruction they cause! If you think you might have a pest problem in your lawn, turn to Green Turf today. We offer professional lawn pest control in Macungie, and we’re always happy to help. Get your free estimate today!