Mowing Heights

Have you ever wondered what setting you should set your lawn mower?  Should I cut the grass high or low?  Residents in Allentown can easily read this article and get the proper lawn care tip!

Low cut: people often think that if they mow the lawn real low, it will keep the grass from growing back so fast. This practice will only bring weeds and shallow-rooted grass.

Scalping: If you let your grass grow nice and tall and then decide to scalp your lawn, you will have a mess! The root structure becomes damaged and the lack of density makes the lawn less resilient.

Mid cut: Mowing at the low end of the recommended height is still not ideal but it’s better than scalping!

High cut: If you decide to go this route, you still need to be mindful to not remove more than one-third of the grass blade per cut.

Healthy cut: Grass is in the perfect stage if it is cut at 3”. It will be more resilient to weeds and withstand the hot weather much better. This height keeps the lawn looking nice and thick!

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