Major Difference #3 – Safe and Secure
We are fully insured for your protection.  This is rare in the lawn care industry.

If your property is damaged or a worker injured at your home… if your lawn company cannot pay… who will?  The answer… you or your homeowner’s insurance.  That’s not right!  That’s not fair!  We protect you!

When selecting a lawn care company… make sure the company you are considering has general liability insurance.  Many companies claim to have insurance or creatively state that their trucks are insured.  This insurance does not cover you… just them.  You want to be certain that they have a General Liability Policy.  This policy will protect you and your family should anything happen to your property.
If you work with a lawn care company that cannot afford to repair the damage or care for a hurt employee…  a lawyer could come after you and your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Most homeowners do not know to consider it, but this is one of the most important criteria when hiring a lawn care company.

If you are not convinced the company you are considering has a General Liability policy ask them to furnish a written copy before signing up for service.
Your family and belongings will be safe.  Our teams are uniformed; always in company trucks and we are serious about the personal ethics and quality of our team members.  We realize that our people are on your property, around your family, and we take this seriously.

In addition, because we handle your private information, such as your credit card number, our systems use bank level security, 256-bit encryption, once your credit card number is input into our system no one in the company can see it.  We are PCI compliant.  This level of security is very rare in the lawn care industry.