In our last blog post, we brought to light the truth on some Macungie lawn care myths we’ve heard recently. Today we’ve got a few more for you so that you can only use the best practices when maintaining your lawn.

  1. “I won’t have to mow as often if I cut the grass short.” False! If you cut it super short, you may add a few days between mowings, but you also risk damaging the lawn. Grass that’s too short allows sunlight to reach weeds, which quickly grow and wrestle grass for footing. Shorter grass also has a more shallow root system, which means it succumbs easily to drought. For the healthiest lawn, never remove more than one-third of the total blade surface at any one mowing.
  2. Daily watering is necessary to grow a healthy lawn. How much water your lawn needs depends on a variety of factors, including grass type, air temperature and soil type. Infrequent, deep irrigation is better than frequent, short watering. It results in grass with deeper, healthy roots and fewer diseases.
  3. You must rake and remove all leaves in fall. Thick layers of autumn leaves can smother grass and allow disease to develop. But you don’t really have to rake leaves to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Instead, mow over leaves a few times, chopping them into small pieces that will decompose on the lawn.

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