Playing volleyball in your home lawn

Playing volleyball in Macungie is a blast!  You will have lots of fun and might never be able get enough of it. Turning your home lawn into a volleyball court is much bigger plan and its a thought that comes into the minds of most volleyball lovers.

Whether its an occasional play or an active exercise routine, you need some setups followed by a regular maintenance to keep your volleyball court useful.

So, there are few things you must keep in mind as you make your lawn, a place of activity.

Space Required – If you have a good team of players, the ones that abide by rules, then you would need enough space. If you are setting up a beach volleyball court it will not require a large area like regular volleyball.

Court Surface – Court surface should be even and is the important factor. Trimming the grass level, removing stones and other debris, etc should be preliminary that is done while setting up the court surface and as a part of maintenance

Marking the Court – After setting up the space and surface, you need to make markings such as court borders, etc.

Paint can be used to mark a grass court, but if you’ve set up a sand court, you’d need ropes or chalk powder to make the markings.

Drainage – Missing out on drainage could be a big blow, especially if its a sand court. A rain could ruin the court surface without drainage

Maintenance – Regular maintenance is required to keep the court playable.

Keeping away insects by using insecticides, trimming the grass level, removing the debris, spraying right amounts of water to keep the moisture, etc is all a part of maintenance.

Getting help from a Lawn Care or Lawn Maintenance company is the easy way to go.  Especially if you want to spend your time exercising instead of keeping the grass maintained.  Look for a local lawn care professional that is near you.  A lawn service pro would know how to keep the lawn healthy.

Rules– It’s Game time! But how do you play if you are unaware of the rules, So here are a few basic volleyball rules:  

1) Considering 6 players a side, 3 players should be in both front and back rows

2) Maximum 3 hits for each side

3) A player cannot hit the ball twice

4) A player cannot hold or carry the ball

5) Ball hitting the border line is considered “in”

6) The ball can be played off the net, while serving or during a volley.

Benefits – Playing volleyball can benefit us in various ways!  Here is a quick list of benefits in playing this sport at your home.   After playing you will experience muscles that are beginning to be toned, improved reflexes, better balance, and better hand/eye coordination.

Studies show that playing an hour of volleyball can burn near about 600 calories.

Volleyball is a very healthy sport and these are the few things you need to keep in mind as you use your home lawn to play volleyball.