Lawn Care Review Article for Allentown, PA – What is Geranium?

Geraniums are a colorful flower that’s popular in many gardens. Common in most bedding or along the outskirts of your backyard, Geraniums can also thrive indoors as well, and are very easy to care for. Geranium flowers into a bright and colorful plants that can add a dash of color to your garden or room. Easy to grow and maintain, Geraniums have just a few requirements to grow and thrive.

Geraniums belong to a family of perennial plants known as cranesbills. These flowers can be found in temperate climates all around the world. They can also be found in mountains as well as the tropics, but usually these flowers are most common along in the Mediterranean region.

Geranium Plants – Lawn Care Tips

Appearance – Geranium flowers are accompanied by the long cleft leaves that look circular in form. Flower petals are white, pink, purple or blue and come in segments of five. This plant is excellent when planted in soil that drains well. When watering your Geraniums, make sure to not overdo it because waterlogged soil can become a huge problem.

Climate – Geranium requires a moderate temperature, from 65-70 degrees during the daytime to 55 degrees at night. When planting Geraniums outdoors, you should combine your planting soil with peat or perlite to take advantage of the superior moisture control. When planting indoors, make sure to allow for sufficient sunlight exposure to prevent wilting.

Cuttings – When propagating Geraniums, this can be done through semi-ripe cuttings. It’s best to take these cuttings during the summer. If you are growing by seed, try to plant during the cooler autumn months, depending on your location and climate. Because Geranium is excellent in moderate temperatures, you will want to ensure that they stay cool during the day.

Geranium seeds – Seeds are spread from the Geranium plant through the long beak-like columns in the plant. These open when ripe and cast the seeds along the ground. Geranium fruit capsules contain five cells, each containing a seed that can grow and flower at the right time. These capsules are attached to the column of the old flower, and over time can droop. This is where the Geranium gets its common name of ‘cranesbill’

Planting tips – Important when you want to plant Geraniums but also keep an aspect of lawn care in mind. Make sure to plant these flowers between 8 to 12 inches apart. Planting them at moderate depths allow them to thrive. When you are planting Geraniums outdoors, mulching them can also help control moisture. Avoid planting this flower under trees where light is not sufficient. Other areas to avoid are places in your garden that lack the proper water drainage.

Use these lawn care tips to add the Geranium to your garden. It’s an excellent and hardy plant that can bloom throughout the year, bringing some color and character to your lawn. Use these tips to grow a garden that your Allentown, PA neighbors will envy. These lawn care guidelines can help you grow a bed of Geraniums that you’ll be proud to call your own.