How to control Dwarf Beggarweed in Allentown, PA.

Learning how to manage your weed control is a big part of lawn care in Allentown. All over the Lehigh Valley people often overlook the vital steps to have a nice green lawn. Without the proper amount of lawn care, you are asking for trouble and can quickly find your lawn overgrown with pesky Dwarf Beggarweed. Also called Desmodium triflorum, Dwarf Beggarweed is a tough plant and usually appears as a three leaf weed.

Mature beggarweed blooms with small flowers that range from light blue to purple or even pink. The leaves of this weed are found with three leaflets that vary in size and are elliptic. The leaves to beggarweeds are pointed at the tip and are usually rounded at the base or the stem.

It features a cluster of wiry stems that can quickly return without the proper level of weed control. Dwarf Beggarweed spreads quickly and can cover lots of area in a short amount of time. The Dwarf Beggarweed usually propagates through seeds, stolons or broken taproots. The stem of this weed has hairy stems at nodes that can spread this pesky plant across your lawn.

Many times the Dwarf Beggarweed can often be confused with it’s close relative, Creeping Beggarweed. The weed grows during the warmer months and is popular during the fall. The growth period of this weed ranges from the middle of summer through late fall. Dwarf Beggarweed grows in a dense creeping mat that is littered with very small tri-leaflets and aforementioned flowers.

To manage your lawn and take control of your lawn care, you’ve got to take small steps that can help with weed control.

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Weed Control using the best lawn care products.

The biggest way to combat the Desmodium species of weed is to maintain your lawn. Proper lawn care goes a long way towards preventing these weeds from infesting and taking over your home. This lawn care includes the right mow height and proper water management to keep your lawn healthy.

By staying on top of your lawn care measures, you can prevent the Dwarf Beggarweed from overgrowth. If you’ve spotted the weed in your lawn and want to know what weed control products you can use, there are several available to you to use.

Most weed control products that include triclopyr or lopyralid are excellent means to eliminate this weed. Pre-bloom, as well as post bloom, are great ways to remove this weed from your lawn. When your weed control tactics don’t seem to be making a dent, change up your lawn care methods to improve the effectiveness of removing the Dwarf Beggarweed from your lawn.

Weeds can creep and make their way into any lawn, regardless of how well you maintain the grass. Despite that however, it doesn’t mean you can’t take the proper measures towards weed control and rid yourself of these pests. Adapt your lawn care to keep the Dwarf Beggarweed out of your grass today.