What is Chicory – Lawn Care Hints for Allentown, PA.

Chicory is also known as Cichorium intybus and it’s a bright perennial that’s popular in many areas of the world. Moderate climate and excellent maintenance are the only things that are needed to grow Chicory. The purple-blue flowers make a wonderful addition to any garden, making lawn care tips very useful.

The chicory plant is common in North American and many parts of Europe as well. Cichorium intybus is known for it’s health benefits and can be found in a variety of foods and drinks. One of the most popular uses of this plant is in coffee, where it’s enjoyed all over the world.

Lawn Care Tips to grow Chicory

Growing Tips – Chicory is a herbaceous plant that can be healthy in any soil type. Using moisture management materials can give your garden a good boost for growing this plant. Chicory requires light watering and good drainage to thrive. Whether you are growing this plant to add color to your garden or to eat or use in food, Chicory is diverse and very hardy.

Chicory Uses – Known for it’s many uses and health benefits, Chicory has been used by generations past. Popular for the use of the Chicory flowers and leaves in vinegar flavoring or salads, many cultures also use this plant in healing tonics as well. While the leaves are used in many foods, one of the most popular parts of the plant is the root.

The taproot is used to make ‘chicory’ and is combined in coffee as a flavoring or powder. Roasted and then brewed carefully, many people also prefer to eat the root as a vegetable.

Health Benefits – Chicory can aid in digestive process and help you eliminate problems with heartburn. This plant has also been used to detoxify the liver and gallbladder. The root has been used in history to treat infections. Its ability to boost your immune system is an excellent way to recover from sickness.

The Chicory root has also been used to prevent kidney stones, and it’s also a natural sedative. This small plant is a powerful addition to any diet, and celebrated in many parts of the world for it’s wondrous healing properties.

When following your lawn care guidelines and maintenance, you can help your Chicory thrive. This plant while hardy, can be susceptible to multiple problems when you don’t follow the proper lawn care tips. If you’ve got a problem with your lawn, but don’t know who to turn to, look up the best lawn care professionals in Allentown, PA to help.

Retaining the right help can make all the difference between a healthy lawn and a sickly one. Failure to stay on top of your lawn care maintenance can cause weeds to overtake your healthy plants and can create an ugly eyesore instead. Take your lawn or garden to the next level by using these lawn care tips to grow Chicory plants today.